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Six Christmas-inspired Interior Design Tweaks

Now that the festive season is upon us yet again, the ritual of redecorating will begin in earnest. Nothing beats the feeling that is associated with tweaking your interior design to reflect the joy of the season. 

Here are some great ideas that can brighten up your home’s interior design to reflect the season.


The Classic Pine Tree

Is Christmas even complete without the staple pine tree? It is commonplace, yet so sacred for Christmas lovers. For most, this is the most important part of the decorative quality that comes with the Christmas season. To tweak things up, what you can do that defies the pattern is choosing where the pine tree is located. The living room; two small-sized pine trees on either side of the TV shelf? It’s yours to decide.


Wreaths as Budget-Friendly Replacement For Pine Tree

Wreaths can be a great and effective replacement for pine trees. And the possibilities for modifications are endless since wreaths can be made from a variety of materials- styrofoam, flowers, artificial greenery, even fruits like berries. Placing these wreaths at strategic places around the house can induce the atmosphere with a merry, fuzzy feeling. And, what’s more, they are budget-friendly.


Stockings Filled with Goodies and Heart-Warming Notes

While they can be an interesting place to hide little-sized gifts, they also have a decorative role to play in the scheme of the Christmas spirit. You can conveniently hang them around the TV shelf, the mock fireplace, along the railings of the staircase, and can serve an ornamental function on the pine tree.


Scented Candles Hanging off Pine Tree

Most Christmas decorations appeal to the wonder of sight. Why not veer a bit to engage another sense- smell? If we can associate the beauty and joy of the season through what we see, why not what we smell? Scented candles can complete the aura of Christmas through the teasing sensation they provide to our sense of smell.


A Plethora of Multi-Coloured Lights in Strategic Locations 

Light it up! Christmas lights are another staple of the Christmas spirit. Choosing all the right places to set up in, however, can make all the difference. You could choose to drape a section over the windows, mirrors, over the furniture, or, better, as you see fit!


Staircase Garlands either at the Base or around the Railings

You can use your staircase as a decorative point to complete the Christmas look. Garlands draped across the railings of your stairway or at the base is a refreshing way to soak up the moment of joy that Christmas brings.

Make the best of these ideas to light up your Christmas this holiday season, literally. Sugarweddings 


Holiday Bucket List: Fun Activities to Engage in

The holiday season that is upon us is one of the best times of the year to bond as a couple and take your relationship to a more profound height. 

This holiday season, you can decide to spend your time together as a couple with one or more of these activities that could make up your festive bucket list.


In a bid to get closer, nature’s got you covered. There isn’t much to it as you might think. There’s always that stretch of nature where you can visit with your partner and enjoy the warm embrace of nature and all its goodness.


Giving back to the society can provide an indescribable source of fulfilment to an individual- the same works when you do it as a couple. At this time, you can attach yourself to a charity organisation and help them achieve the dream of putting smiles on people’s faces. No doubt, your empathy levels will skyrocket as a couple and the benefit for your relationship would go without saying.


Exercise is packed with a plethora of health benefits, but many people struggle with the will to do it regularly. You have the upper hand, for two heads are better than one. Exercising together will bring you even closer together because it shows a commitment to grow healthier together. 


Art Appreciation
Just like appreciating nature, appreciating art can have a lasting effect, especially since the latter is the celebration of the former. Going to art exhibitions together or simply visiting a museum can open up meaningful conversations for you both as you react to art.


In tune with exercising, you can take it a notch further by engaging in a light sport together. Playing volleyball, badminton, or going cycling together are effective ways to spend some quality time together.


Video Games
This might sound a bit cheesy since a lot of us believe that video games reside in ‘bachelorville’. False! Video games are a beneficial way to relax and release the right hormones that improve the mood and can act as antidepressants. Doing this together makes it even better as you try to trash each other in healthy competition.


Once the festivities blow over, we have the New Year to worry about. In couple style, you can plan ahead for the new year together to help start off with a blast. Try to make this as colloquial and fun as possible.

Make the best of this festive period to have a great experience with each other with these activities.  Sugarwedding

Planning To Propose Publicly? Think Again . . .

In this age where everyone jumps on trends without a second thought, it is no surprise that people have once again cemented a particular trend so deep in their minds that it probably lives in their subconscious.

No one is sure how it all started (no one ever does), but for some time now, the bandwagon of proposing publicly has been speeding through town and anyone with a plan to tie the knot with a significant other is trying to jump on it.

If for some reason, you plan to sweep your wife-to-be with an elaborately orchestrated proposal, greeted with the approval and cheers of onlookers, you might need to think again for several reasons: 


People are Different and With Different Preferences
You might potentially risk embarrassing or worse, losing your significant other with this move which they might consider selfish and attention-seeking on your part. A lot of people actually love private lives and want their affairs in that order. You should respect that.


Your Love Life and the Plans You Have for It is Nobody’s Business
Proposals are something of a sacred nature- an agreement that binds two souls on the promise of everlasting love. Why taint or ruin that with the presence of disinterested onlookers who just want to have their dinner in peace or enjoy their walk? The downside for these onlookers is that they have to- by some societal expectation- act like they are happy for you. 


You Risk Placing Pressure On Them
By proposing publicly, you’re placing an unholy amount of pressure on your partner as everyone’s eyes are on them to say the much-anticipated ‘yes’.

In this case, getting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would be humiliating for you. If it is a ‘yes’, you’ll not know- at least not soon enough- if it was a true ‘yes’ or one made under public duress. If it’s a ‘no’, the embarrassment would be legendary; it would be a gory sight to see the beautifully stacked dominoes you had both been building over time crumble in the most disorderly way.


Know your Partner’s Preferences
This goes without saying, considering that you must have been together for some time. For the sake of your relationship, be your own psychologist: would your partner like an over-a-simple-home-dinner proposal or one with fireworks with an audience bellowing ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’?

Having said all these, all that matters before you plan to propose is to study your partner to know what they’d prefer, to avoid a looming disaster. Sugarweddings

What Began the White Wedding Tradition?

It is general knowledge that weddings are a beautiful thing, more so as they symbolize the beginning of a sacred union between man and wife. Little wonder that people spend so many resources to try to make this symbolism a sacred one.

Being a cultural feature, Nigerians have subconsciously drawn a distinct line that separates the two types of wedding that, to us, makes the wedding process complete: the traditional and the white wedding. 

But do we know the origin of the white wedding that we place so much emphasis on?

This emphasis sometimes even clouds the importance of our very own traditional weddings. What, in the annals of history, began the white wedding tradition?

What began the white wedding tradition can be understood from two angles: colour and religion.

First, the white wedding tradition got its name from the white dressing dress that adorns the body, and face, of the bride. Strangely, before and up to 16th century Britain, the white dress was a mourning attire. Of course, it is only natural that many brides did not want to be associated with grief on their special day. 

Also, white was reserved for formally sombre court occasions. Even at that, the dread of having to wear that particular colour lingered.

At that time, red and blue (and a variety of other colours like yellow, brown, and grey) were more common colours that brides used for their dresses. White was, more or less, mortifying for a wedding. 

This trend remained until, in 1559, the Queen of Scotland, Mary, defied the norm and wore white for her wedding to her intended, Francis Dauphin of France. This defiance was further popularised by Queen Victoria later on in the 19th century in her wedding to Prince Alberta.

Slowly, but steadily, the trend of wearing white stayed on. Brides saw that it was not as bad as advertised. And, since important personages set the pace, it looked safe to follow. Not so surprisingly, the name- white wedding- was simply derived from the colour associated with it.

Second, the Anglican Church is responsible for the theatrics that we see in a typical white wedding- the procession down the aisle, the position of the groom and the bride at the altar, the inclusion of bridesmaids and groomsmen etc.  

Weddings are a true celebration of love and the beginning of an entwined journey through life. But the importance placed on a white wedding is not half as sacred as we imagine it to be. It, after all, rests in a choice of colour and the whims of a religion. Sugarweddings

Should You Postpone Or Cancel Your 2020 Wedding?

The current state of the economy and the world at large is changing before our very eyes. Suddenly, the things that some may have taken for granted in the past has become of utmost importance as we strive to maintain the economic and social status quo. Our health, hearts and minds are to be considered before we take the next steps towards living normally again. 

If your wedding is scheduled for this year, you may want to consider how your plans will change being that movement and travel restrictions are prevalent all over the world.  How are you going to deal with the current state of affairs- should you postpone or cancel your 2020 wedding?

Here are some situations that may cause you to consider postponing your wedding:

A Faraway Destination

If you planned to have a destination wedding with only your closest family and friends and you would like for them to be present, consider pushing your wedding forward by a few months at least. You don’t want to put anybody’s safety at risk.

Health Concerns

Even after the lockdown ban has been lifted across various states and countries, one may want to wait to see if cases of COVID-19 reinfection occur. Couples may consider postponing their wedding to a later date in order to make sure it is safe to have people gather at a wedding.


If a couple has not budgeted properly or planned their wedding based on financial projections as opposed to their current liquidity then it may be a good time to revisit a wedding budget and postpone the wedding. As changes in the economy occur, this may mean salary cuts, moving homes and potential job losses.   


You should only consider cancelling your wedding if the following occurrences are prevalent:

The Rise of Irresolvable Issues 

These may even occur if you are cohabiting already with your future spouse. This period may reveal the fact that you may not be able to live comfortably with the person you thought was made for you. If one’s life is in danger due to domestic violence, then the wedding should be cancelled immediately. 

Unsuccessful Counseling 

Has this period caused you and your partner to engage in more counselling sessions? You should only cancel the wedding if the outcome of such sessions is bleak and unfruitful. 

The cases that would influence a couple’s decision to cancel the wedding altogether may be extreme but if you’re planning on being with someone for better or worse, it’s now time to practice.  (Sugarweddings)

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