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BBNaija: I’d rather date for 10 years than get married – Nini

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate has revealed that she would rather date someone for 10 years instead of getting married because she’s scared of marriage.

She stated this while discussing with some of the housemates at the garden area on Thursday night, day 54 of the show, as they discuss marriage.

During the discussion, Saskay revealed, “Between last year and this year, I think I’ve received four proposals. I accepted all and right now, none is working.”

Nini then said, “Nobody is more scared of marriage than I am. I’m so scared of marriage. I don’t know if it’s my mindset because it’s something I’m so scared of. It’s a bold step.

“I’m ready to take as much time. I can even date you for 10 years before we do it. I’m on that vibe. I don’t mind dating for 10 years and all my boyfriends I’ve had think I have issues and I’m unserious. Because I’m basically giving you this relationship, don’t try and come and propose. I’m not ready.

“I love them but I want to make sure everything is right. With everything going on in the world right now, I don’t want to rush into anything, please. I don’t have strength.”

Nini pointed out that she’ll be faithful in her relationship but marriage is uncertain as she said, “I can date you for 10 years. We’ll be faithful. Let’s just date and be happy and merry.”

Queen asked her, “In the space of that ten years, will you have babies?”

Nini answered, “I don’t mind. I love babies but I want to make sure that everything is right before I have mine. I love babies.”

During the discussion, Yousef chipped in a few words but Saga was silent all through, staring blankly at Nini. Punchng


BBNaija S6: Why I nominated Yousef, Angel for eviction – WhiteMoney

Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, WhiteMoney, has revealed why he nominated fellow housemates, Angel and Yousef for possible eviction on Sunday.

WhiteMoney had, during the nomination process on Monday evening, nominated Yousef and Angel.

However, during his diary session on Tuesday, he told Biggy that he nominated Angel and Yousef because he wanted them to feel the heat since they weren’t up last week.

He went on to state that he didn’t pick them out of spite adding that he had plans of saving Yousef if he had the veto power to save and replace.

”Biggy you know this nomination process is always very hard. I picked Angel and Yousef because they weren’t up last week so I wanted them to feel the heat small.

”Also I had plans of saving Yousef if the veto power of save and replace was conferred on me,” he said.
Meanwhile, Yousef, Angel, Cross, Saskay, Emmanuel are all up for possible eviction on Sunday. Dailypost

BBNaija S6: I chose Queen as deputy to preserve my mental health – WhiteMoney

WhiteMoney, Big Brother Naija housemate, on Tuesday said he picked Queen as his deputy to preserve his mental health.

WhiteMoney made this known during his diary session.

He said although he is not romantically involved with Queen, she wouldn’t have found it easy if he didn’t pick her.

According to him, “I chose Queen to preserve my mental health. If I didn’t pick her there would be issues, she is a nice person and we are good friends.
“I understand how she is and she gives me a different type of vibe. I knew she would handle the position well and make things easier for me.”

Meanwhile, there are now 11 housemates battling for the grand prize.
Following the nomination of Saskay, Cross, Angel, Yousef and Emmanuel, two housemates may be evicted on Sunday. Dailypost

BBNaija S6: Jackie B reveals what Angel told her about Michael

Evicted Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, Jackie B has revealed that Angel told her she had feelings for Michael.

Jackie B said this while making clarifications on what brought an end to the friendship she shared with Angel during her media round on Tuesday.
According to her, Angel was making advances towards Michael despite knowing that they were already working on being an Item.

”Angel and I were close and she told me and some other housemates that she liked and had feelings for Michael.

”Unfortunately, Michael and I liked each other and It was obvious so I felt like Angel would have just allowed what we both felt for each other to play out since we were very close then,” she said.

”That was why her actions towards Michael got to me in particular because she was my friend. Like she was supposed to respect the fact that I and Michael had something going on but she didn’t and it pissed me off.”

Recall that Jackie B while at the house accused Michael of disrespecting her.
Jackie B said this after she confronted Michael in the garden on a Saturday night for allowing Angel to rub his head.

She lamented that she was across the table and Michael could have asked her to rub his head rather than Angel who he knows has feelings for him.
According to her, that was disrespectful especially in front of other housemates. Dailypost

BBNaija S6: Whitemoney emerges as Head of House, picks Queen as deputy

Whitemoney, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate has emerged as Head of House (HoH) this week.

Whitemoney emerged HoH after scoring highest points in the arena games.

He chose Queen as his deputy.

Being head of house gives him access to the head of house lounge.

Nini, who scored the second highest scores during the game was conferred with the veto power to save and replace any housemate.

She saved herself and replaced with Cross.

This means Cross, Saskay, Yousef, Emmanuel and Angel are up for possible eviction. Dailypost 


BBNaija S6: Maria stopped me from connecting with female housemates – Pere

Pere, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate has blamed Maria for his poor relationship with female housemates in the house.

Pere has been quiet and reserved since Maria’s eviction and has been seen dancing alone during Saturday and Friday night parties.

Having a conversation with Cross about his recent attitude, Pere explained that he couldn’t connect with any female housemate emotionally because of Maria.

According to him, he couldn’t become close to any female housemate because Maria got upset whenever he tried to do so and that is affecting him at the moment.

Pere said: “I’m naturally reserved, the person who I was emotionally attached to has departed. I’m dealing with physical and emotional attachment.

“The other part I’m dealing with is I couldn’t connect with any other housemate in the house because Maria didn’t like it even though she acted like she didn’t care. I never danced with any girl aside Maria and that’s why you see me dance alone now.

“I was caught in between trying to make sure I don’t offend Maria and that prevented me from connecting emotionally with other housemates of the opposite sex.”

Meanwhile, Maria who was evicted a few weeks ago has said she does not want to be friends with Pere outside the house. Dailypost

BBNaija S6: Saga prefers Nini to winning N90m grand prize – Jackie B

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, Season 6 housemate Jackie B has said Saga does not care about winning the game anymore.

Jackie B said this when asked why she nominated Saga for eviction.
According to her, Saga is distracted and so concerned about Nini that he has forgotten why he is in the Big Brother house.

“Saga does not care about the game, his head is just into Nini.
“I don’t think he cares about winning again, that’s why I nominated him for eviction.

“He also said he would ask for a voluntary exit if Nini left,” Jackie B told Biggie.
Saga, Queen, Whitemoney, Liquorose, Jackie B, Saskay, JayPaul, are up for possible eviction this week.

At least one of these housemates will be evicted from the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season on Sunday.

Recall that Boma, Tega, Peace and Michael exited the show days ago after they scored the lowest votes from fans. Dailypost

BBNaija: I will give Tega a second chance if she apologises - Husband

Ajeboh Krislawrence, the husband of Tega — a recently evicted Big Brother Naija housemate — has stated that he will give his wife a second chance if she comes back and apologises for her actions while in the Big Brother house.

Krislawrence added that he would not abandon his wife, despite some video snippets which surfaced online suggesting she cheated on him with a fellow contestant, Boma.

According to him, although his wife’s actions made him sad and broken, he believes that she needs him now more than ever.

In an Instagram Live chat with popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, Krislawrence mentioned that he was shocked by his wife’s behaviour while she was in the BBNaija house.

He said, “I feel so sad and terrible, I cannot even lie. I cannot even leave my house because there are a lot of stories on the street. I am broken. Basically, I am broken. I am down. I will not lie. Tega had been a very, very good girl. Let me forget this side of her, she has been a very good girl. I am surprised; when I saw it, I said this is not my wife. It felt as if they cloned her because that could not have been Tega.

“I have never seen this side of Tega because she is a God-fearing woman. She has never disobeyed me. This is a different Tega I am seeing. I am really shocked. I am down and broken. I want that Tega I used to know back not the Tega of Big Brother house.”

Krislawrence revealed that if his wife is remorseful, he will accept her back. He further asked Nigerians to pray for his family.

He said, “I am just human, we are all humans. I believe that we have all sinned and God will forgive us. If I do anything funny right now, I do not know what might happen. I believe she knows that what she did was totally bad but I believe that she needs us right now more than ever.

“I will not throw her away; she is my wife. Yes, she has disappointed me, but I think these things come with marriage. There is no perfect marriage. I have never had an issue before with my marriage for the past four years. We have never had issues. Since this is our first issue, I do not think I should abandon her. What we just need is for Nigerians to pray for us.

“If she comes back and apologises, I will give her a second chance; but if she comes and says what she did was okay, I will let her go and I will move on.” Punchng

BBNaija S6: Whitemoney tells Angel to avoid Boma

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate, Whitemoney has advised Angel to avoid Boma in the house. 

Whitemoney said this while consoling Angel after her argument with Boma.

Boma and Angel on Thursday evening engaged in a heated argument after the former called Angel a kiss and tell’

Angel responded and said she never told anyone what happened between both of them at the executive lounge.

This escalated quickly as they insulted each other and exchanged hurtful words.

Whitemoney, after the fight, told Angel not to be distracted in her game to win the grand prize worth N90m and be strong.

Whitemoney said: “You know why you’re here, avoid him for now, please.

“Be strong you don’t need that kind of distraction.” Dailypost 


BBNaija S6: Maria blames alcohol for calling Angel ‘prostitute’

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Maria has blamed alcohol for ‘slut shaming’ Angel.

Recall that Maria had in a conversation with Nini and Peace on Friday said Michael sees Angel like a ‘prostitute.’

She said Angel flirts with boys in the house, doesn’t respect relationships with the girls and Michael will not date her.

But speaking to Ebuka in her post-eviction interview, Maria apologized for hurling insults at Angel.

She said, “Did I really say that? Did I use the word prostitute? Wow that was a bad thing to say.

“I take full responsibility and that was not a nice thing to say. That was horrible.
When asked what she thinks of Angel, Maria said, “Angel is herself. I like partying with her but she likes to escape from things and not put her best in things.

“ If she ever gets to watch this, I hope I can redeem myself because I didn’t mean that she is a prostitute.” Dailypost

BBNaija S6: ‘Fake eviction’ – Nigerians express shock as Maria exits show

The eviction of Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemates; Maria has shocked viewers.
Maria was the third housemate evicted from the reality show on Sunday.

Her eviction came as a shock to viewers as they predicted Maria as one of the strong housemates.

Recall that Maria, on entering the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition, was revealed as a wildcard alongside Pere.

Here are some reactions predicting Maria’s eviction might be a plot twist or fake eviction.

@ItsTomiwa “Why do I think Maria’s eviction is a plot twist?
@Roviel “Biggie fit come back say Na fake eviction put Maria back, I won’t be surprised.”
@KingMonye “Maria’s eviction came like Ronaldo’s transfer to Man Utd.”
@Love “See eh with Maria anything can happen. I’m gonna wait until Thursday to confirm if this eviction is real or fake.”
@Olamideofficial “Maria eviction must be fake eviction because how?
@Eliteperidt “If they’re using Maria again for a fake eviction I’d be pissed. She can’t be instrumental in carrying out all the acting this season!!! This isn’t real and I’m annoyed.”
@Chiz “Fake eviction if you ask me, Biggie we’ve seen this shit before abeg.Maria has more fan base than Pere at least.”
@Stephiegiez “Maria eviction has shocked me oooh Anyway it is a game.”
@Morris_Monye “This must be fake eviction or it’s rigged.Queen with a bigger fanbase than Maria??”


BBNaija S6: Pere breaks down in tears as Maria gets evicted

Big Brother Naija, Season 6 housemate, Pere on Sunday broke down in tears after Maria was evicted from the reality show.

Maria was the third housemate evicted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the host, during the live show on Sunday.

Maria’s eviction shocked housemates who thought she would survive the week.
Reacting, Pere broke down in tears after the live show.

Pere and Maria liked each other in the house although Maria turned down his proposal for a relationship.

Maria was up for eviction this week alongside JMK, Pere, Sammie, Cross and Queen.

BBNaija S6: I’m having hard time with my mental health – Cross tells Biggie

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6, housemate, Cross has complained about his state of mental health to Biggie.

Cross said the happenings in the house, punishment by Biggie and Saskay hurting his feelings has affected his mental health.

Cross said this during his diary session with Biggie on Tuesday.

He said: “My mental health needs the Executive Lounge. I want to relax, eat and sleep because my heart is doing me somehow.

“Saskay is playing with my emotions. After Sunday’s show I discovered there’s something wrong with Saskay. I was pissed when she broke our agreement.

“I’m having a hard time with my mental health as I have to deal with Biggie’s house rules, Saskay and being up for eviction.”

Cross , Maria, Pere, Queen, JMK and Sammie are up for eviction this week.

At least one of the housemates nominated for eviction will be evicted next week Sunday during Sunday’s live show. Dailypost


BBNaija: Saskay clears air on ‘ship’ with Cross, JayPaul

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 6 housemate, Saskay, has spoken about her ‘situationship’ with Jay Paul and Cross.

Cross has several times declared his love interest for Saskay in the reality show but was not given a direct answer.

Likewise, Jay Paul he told Saskay he likes her and has been seen most times with Saskay.

When asked by Ebuka who she prefers between Cross and Jay Paul, during Sunday live show, Saskay said no one, adding that she has publicly told them she’s not interested in any situationship or relationship.

Saskay noted that she only enjoys the attention from both male housemates.

“I just enjoy the attention from both of them. I’m not interested in any situationship with either Jay Paul or Cross,” Saskay told Ebuka. Dailypost 


BBNaija S6: Nini’s management opens up on her ‘marriage’

The management of Nini, Big Brother Naija, BBnaija season 6 housemate has reacted to reports that Nini is married.

Reports of Nini’s marriage had gone viral on social media on Sunday after wedding images of the Edo State born emerged online.

It was alleged that Nini was married to one Matthew Osas.

But, reacting via her official Twitter page, Nini’s Management said she has never been married or divorced.

“There has been speculations flying around insinuating that I’m married. This post is to debunk whatever speculation that is.

“As a model, I get to do some photoshoots and this was one of them.

“I’ve never been engaged, married or divorced,” the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Nini had told the viewers and the housemates that she has a boyfriend. Dailypost 


BBNaija Season 6: Whitemoney in kitchen after food clash among housemates

The kitchen drama in the Big Brother Shine Ya Eye house caused altercations among the housemates, which forced Whitemoney to cook for them at last.

After Angel and Queen clashed over food, the former decided to call a meeting among the housemates on Friday night.

Queen had earlier insulted Angel over food and making reference to that, Angel said she would no longer condone such anymore.

Angel said it’s not easy cooking for housemates and still cleaning the kitchen afterwards.

With the new kitchen reshuffle appearing to have backfired on Pere, the HoH decided to bring in new initiatives including the introduction of rosters and sharing of noodles amongst themselves.

Pere also expresses disappointment over the behaviour of the housemates as he said, “Some of you have forgotten why you are here… you seem to think you are on vacation.”

Maria gathered some housemates and told them that Whitemoney’s cooking was a strategy but Nini defended him as she said, “If it is his strategy, so what, he is working hard for it… He is slaving for that strategy.”

Princess and Tega also spoke about their retirement from the kitchen.

In the midst of all this chaos, it wasn’t long before Whitemoney entered the kitchen to prepare food for the whole housemates.

According to him, the timing for the reshuffle was unplanned and none of the new kitchen appointees met him so he could put them through. Punch
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