Six Christmas-inspired Interior Design Tweaks

Now that the festive season is upon us yet again, the ritual of redecorating will begin in earnest. Nothing beats the feeling that is associated with tweaking your interior design to reflect the joy of the season. 

Here are some great ideas that can brighten up your home’s interior design to reflect the season.


The Classic Pine Tree

Is Christmas even complete without the staple pine tree? It is commonplace, yet so sacred for Christmas lovers. For most, this is the most important part of the decorative quality that comes with the Christmas season. To tweak things up, what you can do that defies the pattern is choosing where the pine tree is located. The living room; two small-sized pine trees on either side of the TV shelf? It’s yours to decide.


Wreaths as Budget-Friendly Replacement For Pine Tree

Wreaths can be a great and effective replacement for pine trees. And the possibilities for modifications are endless since wreaths can be made from a variety of materials- styrofoam, flowers, artificial greenery, even fruits like berries. Placing these wreaths at strategic places around the house can induce the atmosphere with a merry, fuzzy feeling. And, what’s more, they are budget-friendly.


Stockings Filled with Goodies and Heart-Warming Notes

While they can be an interesting place to hide little-sized gifts, they also have a decorative role to play in the scheme of the Christmas spirit. You can conveniently hang them around the TV shelf, the mock fireplace, along the railings of the staircase, and can serve an ornamental function on the pine tree.


Scented Candles Hanging off Pine Tree

Most Christmas decorations appeal to the wonder of sight. Why not veer a bit to engage another sense- smell? If we can associate the beauty and joy of the season through what we see, why not what we smell? Scented candles can complete the aura of Christmas through the teasing sensation they provide to our sense of smell.


A Plethora of Multi-Coloured Lights in Strategic Locations 

Light it up! Christmas lights are another staple of the Christmas spirit. Choosing all the right places to set up in, however, can make all the difference. You could choose to drape a section over the windows, mirrors, over the furniture, or, better, as you see fit!


Staircase Garlands either at the Base or around the Railings

You can use your staircase as a decorative point to complete the Christmas look. Garlands draped across the railings of your stairway or at the base is a refreshing way to soak up the moment of joy that Christmas brings.

Make the best of these ideas to light up your Christmas this holiday season, literally. Sugarweddings 

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