Planning To Propose Publicly? Think Again . . .

In this age where everyone jumps on trends without a second thought, it is no surprise that people have once again cemented a particular trend so deep in their minds that it probably lives in their subconscious.

No one is sure how it all started (no one ever does), but for some time now, the bandwagon of proposing publicly has been speeding through town and anyone with a plan to tie the knot with a significant other is trying to jump on it.

If for some reason, you plan to sweep your wife-to-be with an elaborately orchestrated proposal, greeted with the approval and cheers of onlookers, you might need to think again for several reasons: 


People are Different and With Different Preferences
You might potentially risk embarrassing or worse, losing your significant other with this move which they might consider selfish and attention-seeking on your part. A lot of people actually love private lives and want their affairs in that order. You should respect that.


Your Love Life and the Plans You Have for It is Nobody’s Business
Proposals are something of a sacred nature- an agreement that binds two souls on the promise of everlasting love. Why taint or ruin that with the presence of disinterested onlookers who just want to have their dinner in peace or enjoy their walk? The downside for these onlookers is that they have to- by some societal expectation- act like they are happy for you. 


You Risk Placing Pressure On Them
By proposing publicly, you’re placing an unholy amount of pressure on your partner as everyone’s eyes are on them to say the much-anticipated ‘yes’.

In this case, getting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would be humiliating for you. If it is a ‘yes’, you’ll not know- at least not soon enough- if it was a true ‘yes’ or one made under public duress. If it’s a ‘no’, the embarrassment would be legendary; it would be a gory sight to see the beautifully stacked dominoes you had both been building over time crumble in the most disorderly way.


Know your Partner’s Preferences
This goes without saying, considering that you must have been together for some time. For the sake of your relationship, be your own psychologist: would your partner like an over-a-simple-home-dinner proposal or one with fireworks with an audience bellowing ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’?

Having said all these, all that matters before you plan to propose is to study your partner to know what they’d prefer, to avoid a looming disaster. Sugarweddings

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