Kayanmata: Why mistresses are thriving in Lagos

Lagos, being the commercial hub of Nigeria houses thousands of wealthy men most of whom are married but obviously have side chic as they are fondly called. And by recent events, it is now a thriving business venture to be a mistress to a man in Lagos than to be married to one.

Many reasons might be responsible for this new trend, but the chief of them all is the recent in flux of users of Kayanmata, the popular northern Nigeria originated sexual enhancers used by many Nigerian ladies presently.

The cliché, "all men cheats" seems to be playing out better than any other time in history as the proliferation of single girls who have decided to stay single because of the benefits they are deriving from having their so called man Friend (boyfriends) under their fingers through the use of Kayanmata.

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Before now, Kayanmata is a popular aphrodisiac made from herbs and fruits, notorious in the northern part of Nigeria and used by married couples around there to revive a sexually dying marriage.

According to public information on Kayanmata, there are different types for different purposes but it all revolves around sexual pleasures and mutual benefits for both partners.

The Recent popularity the products gained via social media has made every Tom Dick and Harry become a regular customer. Some of the popular vendors on Instagram include: Jaruma Empire, Amina Secrets, among others. These vendors usually claim their products are organic and healthy for any end user.

However, by recent events and the new products churned out with names like "favour oil" "controlling oil" "vagina upgrade" "richmen attraction oil" among others only leaves one wondering what exactly these products are doing. And it only makes one wonder the more when a single lady without any concrete means of livelihood is seen driving Benz or Lexus Jeep around the streets of Lagos.

Most men who were faithful to their spouses have now joined the bandwagon since everywhere they turned it's the glamour of how Lagos babes are performing excellently in their function in the other room and such stories can only be expected to travel faster and be more influential.

Lagos men, either married or single must understand that all the Kayanmata products being bought by desperate girls in the state are to be used on or for them and without any iota of doubts Lagos state like any other states in Nigeria may witness a huge divorce suits in no distant time if nothing is done.

I will enjoin many who have been in the business of "everything goes" and "all snakes are edible" to desist from such act as they may fall victim of what seems to be voodooism in the name of Kayanmata.

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