Looting Spree: Are we not all Looting Ourselves?

The new song everywhere in the past few days have been the lyrics and rhythmic tones of looting. From discovering and looting warehouses where covid-19 palliatives were stored for God knows why, to the houses of politicians and to other stores such as Shoprites among other business organizations seem to have become the new normal in the country.

Photo : (Nigerian holding COVID-19 Palliative carton of Indomie)

The trending news on the media at the moment is the looting reports of any of the listed places above and happening at a time like this many have thought it to be the ripple effects of the #Endsars protest which lasted for over 14days before hoodlums highjacked it and it turned bloody.

The Atmosphere surrounding the looting seems mixed sort of. While some people believed it is the best thing at the moment since it is almost impossible to get a new Nigeria without being hampered by the political class, who obviously has the power (money bags) to keep the poor masses poor and suppress any form of opposition with all the resources they have.

Others believed this is the nemesis catching up with the government since they neglected the cry of the poor masses for change in policies to improve their lives and nothing has been done for so long. The poor masses have therefore taken laws into their own hands and have decided to take it by force.

Other sides of the divide believed that the government have been looting the masses for so long a time and nobody has done anything about it, no accountability, no responsibility, no sense of duty and service to humanity by the government, so, why raise an eyebrow now that the masses are looting anything and anyone.

Photo: ( Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed distribute COVID-19 Palliative )

The reality is; should the government allow the polity degenerate into a system that is characterized by hunger, penury, strife and death with no hope of getting anything out of life legally before anything can be done? Or the government should nip matters in the bud before it escalates into what the current reality in the country is at the moment?

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There has been loads of public outcry about the standard of living in Nigeria, many organizations, Research Institutes and other stake holders in social welfare sectors have been advising the Federal Government to do something about the poor state of things in the country which translates into the poor state of the nation.

Many international organizations have also noted that Nigeria being the most populous black Nation in the entire world is living below the 1dollar benchmark by the United Nation is like sitting on a keg of gunpowder for the nation.

This of course made Nigeria emerge as the poverty capital of the world in a 2019 study. All of those statistics obviously never made a difference as the same policymakers kept making policies that enriched those who are already wealthy and made those who are poor even poorer.

This is Nigeria, a Nation where only four hundred and ninety six (496) legislators are getting about 26% of the nation's entire annual budget, while the education sector which caters for over 45% of the entire population is barely getting 14%. A nation where leaders are recycling themselves from one political office to another. From Governor of a state to becoming a Senator, and to other political appointments that keep them in office till they are very old and weak.

Photo : (Nigerian teenager carrying COVID-19 Palliative sack)

This is a nation where the practice of Democracy is what is enshrined in the constitution but the benefits of democracy can only be seen in the lives of the political elites and the their coffers. A nation where if you don't know anybody, the possibility of becoming somebody is almost impossible.

Going by all the menace that has been ongoing for a while, one can not expect less of what is currently happening and as bad as this may seem, it would not be far from the truth to say that, the monster the ruling class now see, is the monster they have been breeding through their deliberate neglect and hardships of the poor masses.

Moving forward, it is criminal to vandalise or loot properties, either government owned or privately owned. There is no justification whatsoever for vandalism or looting, because it is criminal and has no other appellation than that.

Is looting the way? Absolutely not, because doing that only places the masses at the same table with the powerful who have been doing this skillfully. Therefore, we all need a MIND revolution, one that says no to politicians that come back to us every 4years, one that blatantly refused to be used as political thugs during electioneering periods, one that recalls a non performing legislator and refusing to be bribed, coarsed or intimidated by any elitist personnel with influence.

Until we all decide to stand up to what is right and shun every form of corruption, this nation may not become what we want it to be. God bless Nigeria!

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