Is declaring curfew the way out?

Looking at the social media at the moment leaves so much on the minds of many Nigerians, to have thought the current struggles will tend towards this end would have mean that one is pessimistic about the future of this nation.

 Photo: (Governor of the Lagos state, Gov. Babajide Sanwolu)

Nigeria is filled with highly intellectual individuals as many already know, but unlike many other countries of the world that uses their intellects for developmental purposes, Nigeria has been known to be proficient in channeling the skills of her human resource towards a negative end.

When the fight against the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad’s (F-SARS) menace started many felt for the first time in a long while the youth stood for something and the unity amongst the Nigerian youth has never been so strong.

To every rank and file in the nation, there has been this fear that surges through their mind whenever there is an industrial action in the nation, especially when it involves loads of resolute people. And the conclusion when the fight against F-SARS started was that this fight might eventually become the ultimate revolution that many of the cream du la’cream feared might happen someday.

As a Nigerian who has lived all his life in this country, one would have expected nothing less than what is playing out at the moment, given the resolution of the Nigerian youths to restore the past glory of this nation.

The first bombshell was dropped by the Edo state government when she announced a 24hours curfew to curtail the violence said to have been perpetuated by the #EndSARS protesters. According to reports that emerged from the state capital yesterday, it was said that a police station was set ablaze by protesters and more importantly, a jail break in the state where prisoners were set free by the same purported protesters. The aforementioned causes prompted the state government under the administration of His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki to declare a 24hours curfew in the state.

Photo : (Governor Godwin Obaseki)

The 24hours curfew declared by the Edo state government prompted many Nigerians to question the truthfulness in the claims by the state government. Many have asked why the scenarios surrounding the jail break seemed to have a lot of skepticisms around it. Many believed the said jail break was staged as the surrounding facts suggest so.

As if that was not enough, the Lagos state government has also declared a 24hours curfew as a result of videos of vandalism which circulated the internet showing thugs and miscreants vandalizing government properties and setting police station on fire. This has necessitated the state government to give the order of a curfew thereby restricting anyone and everyone from occupying the streets in the name of protests.

This made the social media agog immediately after the pronouncement by the governor of the state, Gov. Babajide Sanwolu who noted that it was necessary to restore law and order in the state after perceived protesters were said to have caused mayhem in the state earlier today.

Where are we going from here? Many youths who have been part of this protest from time have been expressing their disappointment in the government as they claimed the curfew is a plot by the government to divide the youth and make them lose focus of their struggle.

Photo - ( Endsars Protesters )

Some have even gone online to allege some rogue politicians and tagged them as the sponsors of the thugs that attacked the peaceful protesters just to have a probable cause to declare a state of emergency so as to put an end to the fight for a better Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the youths have resolved that nothing can divide them and have encouraged their fellow youths to go home and continue their protests via social media and get ready to resume the protests as soon as the government rests the curfew.

This is indeed a sign that, imposing curfews will not save the day. Most importantly; applying force might neither gibe the youths nor the government get what they want. What now is the solution?

The youths of the Nigerian state have spelt out five (5) points request to the government and as clear as it is, the government seems to be seeing the requests as something that could be swept under the carpets as usual.

However, the resolution of the youths to stop at nothing but what their demands are puts Nigeria at a very dicey position at the moment. What can be done to resolve this current issue? How can the government deal with these issues without it degenerating into something more than it is at the moment? These and many more questions are begging for answers.

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