7 Things A Bride Should Do The Week Of Her Wedding

There are many milestones a girl looks forward to. From her first day in high school, graduation, university years, landing a dream job or even the day that she will get married to the man of her dreams.

Getting married is a huge step, and nonetheless involves months of careful and rigorous planning. It could take as much as dog hours of meeting with vendors.

That being said, if your big day is around the corner, there are many things you should be certain of, especially when it’s just a week to your wedding. Besides, because you have been planning your wedding for months doesn’t mean that your planning has finally come to an end. There are still some last-minute touches to be made. 

You might be wondering what are the things left to do when it’s a week to your wedding, As a bride-to-be in less than 8 days, below are the 7 things you should do the week before your wedding.

#1. Try out your outfits for the day

Even after alterations have been made to your wedding dress, you should still try it on at least a week before the big day. This will ensure that your dress is a perfect size and no further last-minute alterations need to be made.

You should also try on your dress(es) for the reception and your shoes to make sure that they are a perfect fit.

#2. Double-check with all your vendors

 In the week leading up to your big day, you should double-check with all your vendors including your hairstylist and makeup artist. You should confirm that they are aware of the date and time of your wedding.

#3. Finish writing your vows

If you are going the modern route of writing your own vows, then the week before your wedding is an excellent time to finish writing your vows.

#4. Double-check your honeymoon itinerary

You should double-check to make sure that your plans for your honeymoon are still intact. Not also forgetting to double-check hotel reservations, flight bookings, etc to make sure that all is in order. This is very important.

#5. Delegate duties.

You should delegate different tasks to different people. This will make accountability easier and also ensure that everyone chips in to make sure that the day goes as flawlessly as possible.

#6. Do a walk-through of the venue if possible.

This week, you should go through the venue if possible and make last-minute changes if and where necessary. You may decide to change flower placements or make other minor changes.

#7. Self-care

It would not do for the bride to be unsettled and frazzled on her big day, so you should take extra good care of yourself in order to ensure that you are in peak position to enjoy your day. Sugarweddings

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