Nigerians now taking pandemic serious - Health specialist

An Abuja based public health specialist, Dr Yashua Alkali, has said that Nigerians are no longer in doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic is real and deadly.

Yashua, who had been actively involved in disseminating risk awareness messages through our various channels, noted that Nigerians would get a clearer picture of the successes so far recorded to contain the pandemic within the next two weeks.

Yashua, a consultant pediatrician and the Chief Executive Officer of Childcare and Wellness Clinics in Abuja said, “It was stressful because people don’t listen. 

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Before it came to Nigeria, it was difficult to get people to take us seriously, but with all the high profile figures now with it (COVID-19) and terrible news from other countries, it’s sinking in.

“And with the support from private sector and absolute incredible work by the NCDC is keeping our hope all alive, the next two weeks are crucial. That is when we will know if we have won the fight or lost; I hope that we win.”

Yashua, who is working with some government hospital to provide them with personal protective equipment (PPEs), held training for healthcare providers on pandemic preparedness.

This is as The Guardian observed that a sizeable number of residents of Karu Local Council of Nasarawa State are complying with preventive measures like social distancing, hand washing and use of sanitizers.

Meanwhile, major markets, shopping malls and bars in densely populated areas of Mararaba, One Man Village, Ado, new Nyanya, Gwandara and Masaka remains shut in line with the directive of the Nasarawa State Government as part of effort to contain the virus. Theguardianng
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