How Many Pre-Wedding Events Do You Really Need?

Wedding season is always a true joy to the couple, their family and friends. However, couples must nowadays take into consideration which events they really need or which ones are just simply fanfare for long lost acquaintances.

In this article, we will look at different pre-wedding events and determine whether they can be classed as essential or non-essential:

Pre-Wedding Cocktail

A cocktail evening is great for bringing together the couple’s friends and just a few family members who will be at the wedding. It gives the opportunity for a reunion to occur with old friends from school, former colleagues and the bridal train.

Pre-wedding cocktails are nice but can also double up as a welcome party for a larger group of people.

Verdict: Non- Essential

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Traditional Engagement

For a Nigerian or African Couple, having a traditional engagement significantly upholds the culture of the couple and allows the two families to gain an in-law. Sometimes, this is the only ceremony that takes place between a couple apart from visiting the marriage registry.

Verdict: Essential

Recital Dinner

Does the bridal train know exactly where they are supposed to sit and how they are to move during the ceremony? Having a recital dinner will give an opportunity to go over the order of ceremony. It’s easy to incorporate dinner or the provision of finger food and drinks after the practice is over.

Verdict: Essential

Bridal Shower

One last girly bonding session with your favourite girls spent painting the town red or having a quiet night indoors playing bridal inspired games, eating and making merry. Although this is a supposed rite of passage for a bride, it can be toned down or skipped entirely in order to accommodate more pressing costs.

Verdict: Non-Essential


Celebrating the man of the moment? These nights can be very expensive depending on the taste and exposure of the men involved. It’s an opportunity to splurge and have one last night of unadulterated debauchery as a single man.

Verdict: Non-Essential

Welcome Party

This is a small social gathering hosted by the couple to welcome all their guests that have flown in for their wedding, at home or away at the wedding destination. A welcome party will not be necessary when there is a pre-wedding cocktail already planned. The guests from other destinations flying in can easily attend the cocktail.

Verdict: Non-Essential

At the end of the day, the number of pre-wedding events required depends on the couple’s priorities. If it is important to capitalize on bonding with all your family and friends during your wedding season then you are bound to have more pre-wedding events. Sugarweddings

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