Six Things To Avoid When You Have A Secret Crush

Having butterflies in your stomach may be enjoyable and may bring bouts of excitement but if you want your crush to remain a secret, then you have to keep your feelings incognito.

Here are six things to avoid when you have a secret crush:

Telling Your Crush About The Crush

This is the number one thing to avoid. At all costs, do not bait yourself out to your crush. Just enjoy your little secret and swoon in private when you see him or her. Sometimes, this person may not even know you very well to establish genuine interaction and attraction.

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If you are already friends, then still play it cool and hope for things to progress naturally. You should also be ok with it if things do not materialize into a full-blown relationship.

Do Not Tell Anyone!

If you have a secret crush, it must be kept an absolute secret. Sometimes, you may muster up the courage to share this with one or two close friends but make sure they are not the type of people to spread your news! The safest thing to keep it a secret is to not tell anyone at all.

Do Not Act Weird Or Different

When they are around, try to behave how you would behave with any other friend. This includes not smiling involuntarily at the mention of their name, no one should know that you have got backflips in your stomach. Do not let your emotions get the best of you!

Following Their Friends And Family On Social Media

If you are trying to avoid being noticed by your crush, it is not wise to go on a stalking spree on social media, following his closest allies and even his parents. Even if you are curious and wish to see what’s going on with his inner circle, do not like or follow any post that may reveal your uncanny interest.

Continuous Staring

When you have a crush on someone, you may be enamoured or be in awe of the person’s presence. Try to control this by not staring helplessly into the person’s face or watching their every move. Contain and behave yourself!

Do Not Make A Plan

Do not plan anything. Do not come up with a grand scheme for him or her to fall helplessly in love with you. If it is going to happen, it should be natural.

One thing you must not do is feel sad if nothing ever materializes from the crush.  Sugarweddings
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