How To Make Your Guests Feel Special On Your Wedding Day

People attend weddings for two common reasons; they know the couple or have a close link with them or they’re just attending for the fun of it, not minding if the couple doesn’t know their name.

For the first group, it is evident that they value close family and friendship ties and intimacy. Here are different ways that you can make them feel special for showing up on your big day:

Make The Rounds

Appreciation will be felt by your guests if you actually go round to each table and spend quality time greeting them and playing catch up.

Even if the time spent at certain tables is short because of the size of the reception, just ensure to say hello to everyone. 

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Individual Notes

A general thank you note could be written and inserted into the wedding program so that as the guests are seated, they get the chance to read it. Alternatively, you may address each letter to every guest if it is a small wedding where you have made seating plans available.

Group Selfie

Imagine taking a group selfie with your wedding guests and everyone can actually see themselves! This would work well for an intimate wedding. Also, no one can say that they didn’t get a picture with the couple.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a token of appreciation given to guests to put a smile on their faces for coming to your wedding. These could be something useful for the house or something to drink or eat like customized doughnuts and miniature champagne bottles.

Wedding Transportation

This is not very common in Nigeria but it’s a gesture which involves trying to make your guests comfortable especially if they are coming from out of town for your wedding. Arranging transportation from their hotel to the event and back will save a lot of hassle. This is great if your wedding reception will run late into the night.

Hotel Bookings

Try to negotiate a good deal for people who will be coming from out of state and people who value proximity to the event. For some, you may even foot a portion of their bill if you can afford it.

Appreciation Toast

Towards the end of the night or at a special time during your reception, raise your glasses to everyone who journeyed from near and far to attend your wedding. Feel free to mention a few people in particular like your maid of honour, best man or even certain family members.

You could try a couple of these gestures out on your wedding day if time permits you. Have the time of your life, spread love and experience inner peace. (Sugarweddings )

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