Coronavirus: Take warm water, hot soups – Nigerian pharmacists list preventive measures

Nigerian pharmacists on Sunday released measures they said could prevent the deadly coronavirus.

The global pandemic has caused nearly 15,000 fatalities and affected over 300,000 people

In an advisory on Sunday, the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN ) urged Nigerians to take note of prevention strategies by authorities and professional healthcare bodies.

The statement was signed by Pharm. Samuel Adekola, ACPN National Chairman.

It said coronavirus obstructs the respiratory pathway by producing mucous that blocks the airways, lungs and that treatment therefore must focus on unblocking the airways and lungs.

The body recommended drinking a lot of liquid preferably warm water. Hot soups in a variety of the local presentations is desirable.

It notes that administering warm water every 20 minutes moistens the mouth and wash away any virus in the mouth.

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The advisory read further. “The insignificant amount that may get into the gastrointestinal tract (GIT or gut) can be taken care of by stomach acid secretions thus preventing the virus from getting into the lungs.

“Employing gargles with warm water, vinegar, lemon water and oral antiseptics everyday reduces the chances of the virus from getting to the lungs.

“The virus attaches to the hair or cloth where it survives for many hours. Most detergents which foams will kill the virus. It is therefore necessary to wash your body and clothes after every outing this season.

“If you cannot wash your clothes everyday for whatsoever reasons, do spread the clothes in direct sunlight which kills the virus.

“Avoid touching handrails, door handles and other metal surfaces because the virus can last for up to nine hours on such hard surfaces. Avoid smoking especially in this season of emergencies.

“You need to regularly wash your hands with soap that foams even if you cannot afford a hand sanitizer. An interval of at least 30 minutes is suggested in between washing hands. Eat fruits and vegetables. This will increase natural Vitamin C levels as well as increase Zinc intake. These ingredients are salient to boost natural immunity against the virus.

“Animals do not spread the virus. It is largely a human to human contact that facilitates its spread. All tendencies of social distancing currently being preached must be observed.

“Avoid the common flu and reduce the eating and drinking of cold foods and fluids. If you feel any pain or sensation in your throat, attack it with conventional method and seek further counsel in your regular community.” Dailypost

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