Relationship: 8 Awful Ways To End A Relationship

The most annoying breakup excuses that anyone could ever think of are right here in this article.

Unfortunately, people may lose interest in what would have seemed like the best relationship with so much potential and may not know how to communicate this to their partners.

Breakups may never be a joyful thing but there are some things that should never be said when it happens.

Here are eight awful ways to end a relationship:

#1.The Classic

It’s not you, it’s me: This typically portrays that your partner is going through some things and is experiencing some insecurities. There is the notion that he or she will need to put themselves together emotionally and mentally before proceeding with a relationship.

#2. Blunt Honesty

I’m not feeling this anymore: What would you do if you were completely blindsided to the fact that you indeed might have been the only one in a relationship for a certain period of time? Your partner may have just turned those feelings off like a light switch.

#3. Zodiac Incompatibility

Our star signs do not align: The stars may be telling your partner how Sagittarius and Gemini may have friction but does he or she actually have character traits that tick your boxes? For your partner to be convinced about this then it is bound to end in tears.

#4. Appearance Problems

You do not dress nice and wear enough makeup: Hit the rocks with this one. If this was a real issue that your partner cared about and that you did to some extent, then equilibrium can always be achieved. Be careful to ascertain whether your partner actually wants to be with you or wants to be with someone for aesthetic purposes.

#5. Gift Dodging

I can’t afford to give you great celebrations: Have you ever been broken up with just before your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Someone who has the heart for this is evidently not the love of your life.

#6. Too Good For Them

I don’t deserve you: If he can say this to you and then disappear, he really does not. If you are really too good for someone, surely, they should not want to leave you.

#7. No More Chase

I liked you more when I was chasing you: Some men actually prefer the perpetual chase and not the actual relationship. Maybe they are not ready for a serious relationship.

#8. Too Much Love

I love you too much: So much that it’s destroying the rest of your life and so the only way to concentrate is by breaking up. Bravo!

These may all be lame excuses but keep your head up and believe that real love exists with the right person who is willing, able and ready to make a relationship work with you. Sugarweddings

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