In Abuja: Lagos-bound UK passengers accuse British Airways of treating them as slaves

Some passengers of a British Airways flight from London to Lagos have accused the airline of abandoning them in Abuja.

Speaking with NAN on Thursday, the passengers said the airline made no arrangement for them after landing in Abuja on Wednesday, as against their destination, Lagos.

Although the passengers acknowledged that the weather condition is a valid reason for redirecting landing operations to Abuja, they said some of them became stranded as they had to cater for themselves.

Chinelo Etiaba, a passenger from London, said the airline did not provide them with adequate information.

Young Ewina, another passenger, faulted the airline, saying he is unable to take his medication as a result of the development.

“BA just abandoned us here. They did not even provide transportation for some of us from the airport. They said we should come to Sheraton Hotel, we all came here but they made arrangement for less than 200 people,” he said.

“Out of the 321 passengers, we all slept outside and we have elderly people here. We are on medication and they said paramedics will be here, but there is nothing like that.”

Theresa Nwabueze, another passenger, said the airline ought to have a contingency plan for its passengers.

“What I am saying is that BA is taking us for granted. We were not meant to be here in Abuja. We booked our flight from London to Lagos,” she said.

“We understand that the weather made us come here but when we came here, they just left us to fend for ourselves which is not acceptable and now, they have sent us text to be at the airport now and there is no bus to take us there.

“People are paying for taxi to get to the airport. I haven’t got money, I did not plan for this and if BA has decided to leave us here, they should make a contingency plan for us.

“If they have the capacity to carry a flight of 321 people, they should have a plan for that in case if anything happens. We are not accepting this, we have been treated like slaves in our own country.”

Reacting to the passengers’ complaints, Babatunde Irukera, the director-general of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), said his agency had contacted the airline over the situation, adding that summons will be issued to them.

No official of the airline was available to respond to questions from journalists at the time of this report. NAN
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