CAN flays President Buhari’s claim that 90% Boko Haram victims are Muslims

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has said that it is not true that Boko Haram insurgency has claimed the lives of more Christians than Muslims.

He argued that the contrary was the case, insisting that “90 per cent” of deaths from attacks by the terrorists were Muslims.

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Buhari gave his position in an op-ed published in Speaking Out, a guest opinion column for Christianity Today, a United States-based magazine.

The op-ed was a tribute to the Michika Local Government Area Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Adamawa State, the late Pastor Lawan Andimi.

The cleric was executed by Boko Haram. The op-ed was titled, “Buhari: Pastor Andimi’s faith should inspire all Nigerians.”

Buhari in the op-ed said it was not true that Christians were the primary targets of Boko Haram insurgents.

The President of CAN, Reverend Supo Ayokunle, had in Ibadan on Sunday, urged Buhari to rise up to his responsibility of protecting lives and property in the country.

Citing the killing of Andim and a student of the University of Maiduguri, Ropvil Dalyep,  he said there was no doubt that the Boko Haram insurgents were targeting Christians.

Reacting to the notion that Boko Haram targeted only Christians, Buhari disagreed, urging Nigerians to see the insurgents as common enemies they must team up to fight collectively.

He also wrote that since he assumed office in 2015, his regime had not relented in fighting the insurgents, adding that to a large degree, the insurgents had been weakened by the Nigerian Armed Forces.

He stated that the weakened Boko Haram groups had resorted to pitting Christians against Muslims.

The President urged both Christian and Muslim leaders to stop blaming other religions for attacks and killings by the insurgents.

He admitted that the war against the insurgents had not been won completely, but stated  that Christianity was not under attacks in Nigeria.

Paying tribute to the late CAN chairman in Adamawa State, the President recalled the clergy man’s sacrifices and good work as a Christian leader, noting that his lifestyle and faith in God should inspire all Nigerians. Punch
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