Wedding planning tools all brides need

You're engaged! Congratulations! Now that you're set for your wedding planning, there are some tools you don't want to miss out for that perfect day.

    A Good Bulk Emailing App

After your engagement, you and your spouse have probably written down the list of guests you'll be expecting that day. Rather than stress over sending it to their mails one after the other, use a good bulk email app. This would make your work faster and smoother.

Choose the best emailing app that will work for you. Some emailing apps can create a 3D version of your invitation card and propose other options besides the date, time and venue. You would also get notifications on whether your invited guests will be attending your wedding or not.

    A Notepad

This tool is great for when you have ideas and you need to jot them down. A notepad comes in handy and you can always refer back to them in case you need anything.

You can also use your notepad as a diary that helps keep track of your moods at different times.

    A To-Do List Note

A to-do list note is perfect for keeping tabs of your activities before the wedding. It also helps you keep track of everything you need to do and more.

If you're forgetful, having a to-do list tool constantly reminds you of all you have to do.

    Budget Calculator

When it comes to making a budget, you may be needing a budget calculator to help apportion your figures in the right places. This way, you can make your calculations with ease.

    Perfect Reference Mediums

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great online platforms to give you ideas on decoration, wedding rings, dresses and so much more. It can be a very helpful tool when utilized in the right way.

It is one of the best places to find reference for everything about your wedding. You can then share these references with your vendors who would then decide on a price which you both have negotiated.

    Proper Navigation Tools

You'll be going to a lot of new places. You don't want to get lost while searching for a venue, a catering company, or an event planner someone recommended. Having the right navigation tool for your phone can relieve you off the stress of constantly asking people for directions.

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