5 things you must do on your wedding day

For most couples, the wedding day can be their worst day. In the end, the only people who have all of the fun are the guests and family members. However, this story can be changed. Remember, it's your wedding and it's necessary to make it as memorable as possible for you and your spouse before it all goes away.

Here is a list of the 5 things you must do on your wedding day.

1. Dance with all your mind

After all the planning, the anxiety, the near-flops, the die-minute planning, the confrontations, the confusions and the rush, it would be a bad idea to linger on negative thoughts on your wedding day.

 We advise that you get your DJ to play all the great jams worth moving your body. Dance with all the joy within you. After all, you're getting married to your most precious being in the world.

2. Take Selfies

Before the professional pictures are out, you and your spouse are allowed to take selfies. Ignore the ”social construct” and take the best selfies. It allows you to ease into everything and creates an opening for you to cherish and enjoy that lone moment.

You can take it a step further by updating your social media now and then. Your wedding day should not be all doom and gloom.

3. Take a walk

Especially when things get too overwhelming, both of you can take a short walk around your reception area and have simple conversations.

Talk about your favourite things in the world. Inhale the fresh air or simply be quiet and just enjoy the view.

4. Write Short Notes

Did something catch your eye at the reception and you can't talk to your spouse because of all the noise? Then type them and show them. The notes can range from extremely funny to exceptionally romantic. It is better when both of you are exchanging notes as well.

5. Enjoy the moment

Pause and take in all of the scenery and the happiness around you.

This is probably the most guests gathered specifically for you and your other half, and it is something worth remembering for a long time.

Do a personal video, laugh with your partner, holds hands and never stop looking at each other. Make sure to live in the moment and turn that day and all the attention to your advantage. (Sugarweddings)

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