Friday, September 06, 2019

Nigerians are envied everywhere due to high success rate says Chukuemeka Nnaji

President of the Nigerian Traders Union in Ghana, Chukuemeka Lavi Nnaji says Nigerians are the target of various attacks everywhere they find themselves due to their success in every endeavour.

According to him, unlike other Africans, Nigerians easily prosper in every trade they venture into because they train properly and help each other grow.

“Business is all about knowing what to do and how to do it and before you know anything you have to learn; you have to be trained. It’s unlike other African people who if you go to school you want to become boss of your own. Nigerians are not like that, even in the education centre you see them learning from each other.”

Mentioning how he decided to stop building a house in Ghana after the recent attacks on Nigerians in the country, Mr Nnaji said their drive to succeed in everything they do earns them envy from the locals.

“If you see everywhere Nigerians live, even here in Ghana where they build their houses is special, it’s unique and people see it like ‘what is this people trying to tell us like we don’t know how to…’ but nobody stops you from learning.

We learn from everywhere. Nigerians learn from America, they learn from Europe, they learn from even Africa. Where ever we go, whatever we see that is good we learn,” he stated.

Chukuemeka Lavi Nnaji who was speaking on Citi TV’s ‘The Point of View’ noted that Nigerians everywhere are furious with the recent xenophobic attacks on their countrymen in South Africa, causing retaliations in some parts of Nigeria.

“We don’t see the reason that should happen to one country from everywhere… we are not happy,” he stated.

He added that “everybody feel that why do we fight to protect African brothers and we being under attack from the same people. By now South Africans should know that we are one and when you touch one you touched all”.(Ghanaweb)

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