Honeymoon Trends You Need To Know

The honeymoon is the ultimate bonding time for newly wedded couples. It’s a time with completely priceless moments that should not be compromised. However, couples have started to push the status quo by making their trends to suit the current times, their lifestyle and budget. 

Here are the latest honeymoon trends that every couple needs to know:

The Mini-moon 

This is for couples that have to consider their available vacation time and other responsibilities that they can’t escape. A long weekend or three days away should be enough to acknowledge their newly married status at an exotic destination of your choice.

The Staycation Tiny-moon

Take location relaxation seriously by booking a resort or luxurious five-star hotel and escape for a full day or weekend right in the city you got married in so there’s no time lost travelling to your final destination. 

The Mega-moon

If time and money is not a problem then this is for you! Take as long as a month to six months away from travelling with different visas across a couple of continents, have adventures and become culture connoisseurs. Multiple destinations, visas and countries is the way forward for the mega-moon.

The Doubles-moon

For close couples that just got married and don’t mind travelling together, the doubles-moon is an ideal double honeymoon. Think about it as a double date with your best friends but the only difference here is that you actually have private time with your significant other. A couple of activities and tours around town can be booked together while some could be booked separately to accommodate differences each couple may have. 

The Foodie-moon

The foodie-moon is for couples that live for culinary experiences and so choose to make a sentimental holiday of taste, visiting different states or cities in a quest to find the perfect pasta or seafood entrée. This type of honeymoon can also focus solely on meals as opposed to the actual destination. This means wherever a Chef’s special is, that’s where the couple goes. 

It’s very possible to combine two desires for the perfect tailor-made honeymoon for you and your new spouse. Do not put pressure on yourself to change and head to the airport immediately after your wedding reception. 

By Nigerian standards, you will be extremely exhausted and you may want to rest before hopping on that flight. Your current expenses also have a role to play in determining if you would be ready to go on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding. Out with the conventional and in with new! (Sugarweddings)

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