6 Honeymoon saving hacks

Honeymoons are just the perfect periods to share intimacy with your newly wedded spouse. However, that can be problematic if you do not have a well-planned process to achieve the best experience.  

If you’re planning a budget-friendly honeymoon, we will be showing you 6 interesting hacks you can use. 

Reduce Wedding Ceremony Expenses

Let’s be honest, spending so much for your wedding ceremony without thinking of your honeymoon is a bad idea. Rather, while you’re planning for your wedding ceremony, make arrangements for your honeymoon. Remember that it is all about you and your spouse. Make the most out of it. 

Lookout For dry days

Periods, where there are lesser demands for hotels or resorts, are a great time to bank on. Not only will they be open to negotiations, but you may also most likely get even better services.

Be open to deals 

If you’re not so familiar with deals, ask your friends for them or make your research. Deals help you save a lot of money by giving you almost everything in one package. 

Play The Honeymoon Card at the right time

Quite a lot of hotels and resorts may be open to working out a reasonable plan with you when you tell them you’re there for your honeymoon. There’s always the excitement attached to it. However, make sure it’s not around the time almost everyone else is having their honeymoon.

Airbnbs Rather than Hotels

Technically, you can pay lesser with Airbnbs than with hotels. What’s more, is that you have access to a lot more facilities like the kitchen and some extra bedroom. To even make your costs cheaper, you can opt for sharing with another couple doing their honeymoon.

Don’t always Eat Out

Eating out can take a toll on your money. Rather, make some of your meals and spend the money on more explorations. (Sugarweddings)

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