You Want Intimate! They Want Loud! | Tips On How To Meet In The Middle: Weddings

One of the issues couples face while planning their wedding is getting around other people’s opinions especially that of the parents.

It is not news that parents think that they own their children’s wedding and want to go out of their way to control that big day thereby starting a tug of war with their children. This is a battle that is almost always difficult to win because every child has a dream wedding and every parent have the dream wedding they have always wanted to throw for their children just like the first birthday. Frustrating right?

It is indeed your wedding and it has to be your way but also know that the joy they feel fuels their actions.

Do you want an intimate or loud wedding as against your parents’ choice? Here are tips on how to meet in the middle without making colossal compromises.


Sit your parents down and make plain the visions you have for your wedding, let them also pull out the blueprint they have kept hidden for years; then you take a look at both visions and make the choice that is closest to the wedding you envisioned (after all it is your wedding right?).

They might want you to get married in the family church, but you have always wanted to get married on a yacht or a garden, you can decide to have your dream wedding and have the home church pastor perform the ceremony.

At the end of the day, you have your dream venue and your parents have a touch of their home church (it is a win-win for everyone).


Do not always shutdown their ideas; understand that it is from a place of love. Although there are parents who use their children’s’ wedding as an avenue to show off.

Listen to what they have to say after which, you make it clear to them that you will rather give fewer people an amazingly great day rather than having less than a good day with too many people


Give them something to do! You can decide to let them be in charge of the food or the band or you ask them to bring a list of options then screen and choose the best from the list. That way they will be happy because they contributed and you will also smile because, at the end of the day, it was your choice.

    Make room for advice

As much as you might think that your parents have no clue to what you want because they are “old-fashioned” you might be surprised at how much they know because they have had the opportunities to attend numerous weddings over the years and have made mental notes of what their children’s day will be like so they have an idea of what works and what doesn’t.
Just be open-minded.

    Their strengths your gain

If you have parents that are great at fashion designing or decorations, you can let them have an opinion about your choice of dresses or the reception decorations since their expertise is tested and trusted by you over the years.
They might also have connections to people or places that are needed to bring your dream wedding to reality; let them have a go at it as they will feel really happy and useful.


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