7 Reasons You Should Have A Weekday Wedding

The concept of a weekend wedding is super exhausting and not everyone can take on the task, to ease this category of people from stress, there will be reasons why a weekday is most suitable.

To explain further, here are the 7 reasons you should have a weekday wedding.

1. It Arouses Anticipation

To begin with, a weekday is outside the box, most weddings are known to be held on the weekend but when you introduce a weekday, it arouses anticipation from the guests. They will be interested in knowing what the ceremony will entail.

Also, it eases them from work mode stress. It's like a public holiday for them. For instance, if a wedding is on Tuesday, it liberates your guests from Monday's stress.

2. It Provides With The Chance Of Getting Married On A Special Day

If it turns out that the couple wishes to be married on the day the lady said yes, they can conveniently pick the day of the week it falls on, but if it were to be a weekend wedding, you might end up waiting for long for such day to be a weekend, or it might never happen.

3. It Is Economical

With a weekday wedding, you have better bargaining power with the vendors who can agree to reduce the price considering it is a weekday wedding and not a weekend.

And this is because, ordinarily, these vendors will not agree if it was a weekend because there will be several bookings from people ready to pay more.

4. Effortlessly Reduce the Number of Guests

If you don't want a large wedding, then this is one of your best options to control the crowd.

A weekday wedding almost automatically reduces the number of guests that will be able to attend as only close friends and family members can easily be ready to get time off work.

Most distant friends/family might not be able to show up for a weekday wedding.

5. Takes Off The Stress From The Bride

As compared to a weekend wedding, where all the ceremonies are usually done in one day, (the traditional wedding, the church and reception) where the bride will have to switch clothes and retouch her makeup; this can be avoided on a weekday wedding, as the bride dresses conveniently without rush or haste.

This gives room for varieties to change and look good.

6. Gives Room For The Couple To Have Fun And Truly Enjoy Their Ceremony

Due to lack of rush, the couple is less under stress and as a result of that, they can truly enjoy every aspect of the occasion.

7. It Is More Intimate

Due to the number of guests who are most likely to attend a weekend wedding, it provides the advantage of it being more intimate. There is less attention from unwanted guests and no extra or unwanted drama. This enables you to give your guests full attention.

In conclusion, if what you want is an intimate wedding that will eliminate rush, anxiety, and stress; then a weekday wedding might be the perfect one for you.


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