5 Things You Should Never Say To In-laws During The Wedding Planning

The wedding planning process can be so stressful, especially when both families are involved. However, even with the stress, you may be going through, there are certain things you should avoid saying.

It’s my wedding
Technically it is, but putting it all over their faces is something they would not accept. Plus, if you have in-laws that can’t let go easily, they will constantly taunt you with it. In truth, you’re adding more drama for yourself. If you’re not comfortable with some of their plans, try using a more subtle alternative.

I don’t really like the Idea
Rejecting ideas from your in-laws should be done and said in less harsh ways than this. Even if the idea is really not pleasant, they would not appreciate the fact that you discarded it in such an embarrassing manner.

I already have a caterer
Most of the time, the mother-in-law is always interested in being the one to get a caterer. If you’re not comfortable with the caterer she’s bringing, you can cajole her to see reasons why yours is a better alternative. If you’re not polite about how you say these things, you may realize that they would ignore you if anything goes south.

He has his own family now
This is probably one of the worst things you can ever say to your in-laws. Even in the instance where they are controlling, try to handle the situation with your husband and not them. Talking this way will only land you and your spouse into more trouble. They will also constantly remind you that they brought him up to be the man that he is, which is why you could have the ‘’opportunity’’ to be married to him.

Are you adding money for us?
Again, discuss this with your spouse. Only your spouse can ask if his/her parents are paying for certain things. You would be considered disrespectful if you go about asking in this manner.


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