Signs You Are Both Ready for Marriage

Sometimes, the two people in the relationship are not even sure if they are ready for a relationship, or they are just under societal pressure.

They, of course, want to get married, but they are just not sure if the right time is now. They are not sure if they are both ready for the adventure called marriage.

If you are wondering if you and your partner are both ready for marriage, here are 7 signs to guide your answer.

1. You are planning for the marriage, not just for the wedding

If you do not understand or are not consciously aware that you are not getting married just for the fun wedding ceremony, you might need to take a step back.

It’s not to say you are not planning for the wedding, but your centre of attraction and concern is the marriage in itself and not just the wedding.

Simply put, although you are planning a great wedding, majority of the time you are also planning how your marriage will work and structures to put in place with your partner in order to have a fulfilling one.

2. You are clear on why you want to get married

If you are asked why you want to get married, and the first thing that pops in your head is the glamour that comes with being a bride or a groom, or because you want to be able to say you are married; then you might just not be ready.

You must be able to answer why marriage is the next step for you and your partner, how marriage will add to your relationship. And at the minimum, you must not be able to imagine your life without them.

3. You can live with them ‘exactly’ as they are right now

If you are marrying someone and hoping you can change something about them, then you might need to really reconsider marriage.

Before you can agree to get married, make sure both of you understand that commitment won’t change anyone.

Marriage can make you work harder on your relationship, but it isn’t going to fix a major rift between you.

4. You absolutely trust each other

You can already accurately guess their reactions to certain things, you know their past, hopes and aspirations.

If you are uncomfortable with them but want to marry them because of the number of years you two have spent together, you might have to rethink your decision.

Get married because you know them, not because you think it’s time.

5. Your relationship is beyond ‘plastic’

Beyond the flirting, sex and butterflies, your relationship must have passed the ‘deep’ test. You must be able to tell that you both tackle issues right and together. Your communication is effective and you both make compromises for the relationship.

You need a relationship deeper than having fun or going out carefree every night. Don’t think you can solve a problem, solve it first.

6. Your family and friends like you together

It’s easy to say you are the only one who understands your relationship, however, if your family and friends don’t approve of your relationship for any reason, you might have to hold on a bit before going ahead to marry them.

Don’t forget they have your best interest at heart, and you will be needing their support not only for your wedding but also in your marriage.

7. You are not strangers to making long-term plans

Beyond planning dates and visits, have you been able to make long-term plans?

Once you are committed and decided to get serious, you must be able to touch on issues like relocation, transfer and the likes. Discuss how your relationship be affected creating real-life scenarios and all.

You have to make sure that you are both are on the same page as regards plans that will affect you as a couple.


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