How to Survive a Long Engagement

After getting engaged the next step is the wedding right? Well, it’s not always like that; 3 years gone and there’s still no plan for the wedding.

Having a long engagement can be a breeding ground for doubts, insecurities and anger. Letting it get to you can take a toll on your head and disrupt other planned activities. With so many reasons for an extended engagement, here are suggested ways to survive the long wait:

There are no rules
Ignore what people are saying. There are no rules as regards timing for getting married. Besides, it is actually a good idea to enjoy your time as fiancés. Since this is a different stage for both of you, you will be needing quite some time to adjust. It is also a great time to agree on ways to settle different issues including disputes because you will be needing it for your marriage to last long.

Be discreet
If you’re both aware that it may take time to get married, try not to make a public proposal. This can save you from too many awkward questions or conversations. As exciting as getting engaged can be, try not to also tell too many people about it. It helps reduce the pressure you may have put on yourself.

Be ready for Questions
It’s unavoidable. You may be bombarded with questions by a lot of your closest pals and family members. Make sure you and your fiancé have ready-made answers for all of the questions. Understand as well that it should not bother you if they do not respect your reasons. Whatever the case, make sure they don’t pull you down with their words.

Budget Consistency
If one of the reasons you’re getting married at a later time is because of money, make sure you’re consistent about saving up together for your wedding. Save up every month. It will be very disappointing if you end up not having any money after getting engaged for a while.



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