Article: Things Every Single Parent Should Sort Out Before Dating

Having to be a single parent is one heavy responsibility that can absorb a man or woman, the thought of being the only one to raise the child/children and still perform your role in the society.

Many single parents find it painstaking and resolve to date for a helpmate who they can at least share the responsibility with. Dating as a single parent is a bold step and for this to be done rightly, there are things one must sort out before one can embark on the journey.

Below are those things you should sort out before dating as a single parent.


In the case of disdainful divorce, you should learn to forgive your ex-partner. Forgiveness helps you to heal, when you heal from the hurt, you forget and move on easier.

Forgiving your ex-partner also makes you do things you believed you could never do when you still held on to the separation. It brings freedom.

    Be ready to move on

After forgiveness, you should make the decision to move on first before any other thing. Also, make sure it is on your own terms to date and not due to the pressure from friends or families because if the relationship is not self-seeking, it will likely end up futile.

A single parent should consider dating again as his/her priority, yes your children will be your priority but also make sure your happiness is guaranteed.

    Get rid of fear

Do not let fear guide you, of course, you will be sceptical of entering into a relationship after you've seen the end of one but do not let that be your mindset. Also, relinquish the feeling of guilt. You are not doing anything wrong by wanting to date again, so do not give room for any remorse whatsoever.

    Ensure your kids meet your partner at the right time

Always have it in mind when the time is appropriate for your partner to meet the kids. Do not force the kids to act perfectly whenever he/she is around. If the partner truly loves you then they'll extend the same love to your kids despite their naughtiness or flaws.

    Keep your balance

This is a hard thing to do as people find difficulty in creating balance but when you are truly interested in finding love again and a new father or mother for your kids you will make it work out.

In conclusion, dating as a single parent comes with a lot of courage, but when the above things are sorted out, it will be easier to accomplish. All the best.


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