Article: How To Create a Lasting Impression on a First Date

Whether we like it or not, first impressions most times make or mar whatever kind of relationship we’re trying to create. So, you’re a girl or a guy going on a first date with this person you admire so much.

Here are some things we strongly advise that you do to create a memorable impression on your date:

Dress Nice, Look Nice, Smell Nice
First dates are the basis of a possible new future. You don’t want to go out on your first date looking or smelling underwhelming. You do not also have to break the bank or go above your budget to look impressive. Just pick that really good looking outfit that you’re comfortable in, use deodorant and apply a little makeup. Your date will most likely have his/her eyes on you throughout your stay.

Try not to talk too much about yourself
As much as it may seem like you’ve known this person all your life, try not to be tempted to constantly talk about yourself and all your issues. This really is a big turn off. Ensure that your conversations are moderate so that the other person can talk.

Pay Attention
Nothing is as impressive as paying attention to everything your date is saying. It shows that you’re deeply interested in the person and that you would like to know more about them. It also makes them feel special.

Keep Eye Contact
Eye contacts are a great way of keeping a lasting impression. It also allows your date to see the sincerity in your eyes. Likewise, it is a sign that you’re bold and confident. Making good eye contacts really goes a long way.

Avoid awkward silences
Try not to give in by talking about anything interesting. Do not try to have controversial topics that may result in heated arguments between both of you. This is really bad for business!


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Atl said...

This kind Romance is not allowed in Africa

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