6 Traditions Every Couple Should Start From Their First Year

Finally! You are now 'official', and you feel that you do not have to do so much anymore since you are both by your side till death do you part.

Nonetheless, it does not just end at the vows; you have to be involved in a lot of things to spice up the already made dish for it to retain the taste that you desire (or even taste way better).

Here are few traditions that every couple should start from the first year:

1. Communication

This is always important and never loses its relevance. You and your partner should communicate every day from the beginning of your marriage till forever. It could be about the little ‘nothings’ to the big ‘somethings’ never forget that everything matters.

2. Getaways

Pick up your calendar and set out time to have a lovers getaway; it doesn’t always have to be out of the country, if you cannot afford that you can start with the states within the country or even places within the state (as Jordan Spark sang, one step at a time there is no need to rush).

3. Quality time

The world is a very busy place and if care is not taken, it can be very overwhelming, so make out time to be with each other and really be with each other (not absentmindedly or for routine sake). You can go on date nights from time to time, movie nights, game nights, cook together, take long walks, play games, karaoke, workout etc.

4. Writing

You might think that the only writing you should be doing is at work or when planning to go grocery shopping. We never stop writing even if it is as little as a scribble. Couples should try to make it a habit of writing to each other; it could be poems, love letters, appreciation letters etc. You do not have to be an Achebe or a Soyinka; all you have to be is you.

5. Honouring Milestone

This is a very important practice as it shows how far you have come and how much you recognize that; it might mean a lot to your spouse. You can have a little 2-man party to this effect or buy each other gifts; appreciating each other.

6. Goals

It is important to set goals; you can decide to set a joint goal and individual goals after which you will have a lovely round table to discuss each other’s growth and failings with the mind of providing ways to be better.



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