6 Spoilers You Should Avoid In Your Relationships

Why do people break up? As much as every relationship is different, it turns out that there are similar key reasons for every breakup.

These reasons also known as 'relationship spoilers' are the cause of a lot of couples split. Here are six relationship spoilers you should avoid like a plague.

1. Cheating

Infidelity is such a deal breaker because it leaves the one cheated on feeling unloved, betrayed, angry and hurt. Cheating and lying are conjoined twins, so efforts to patch things up are not always successful.

2. Insecurity

Insecurity is simply jealousy in the absence of evidence of infidelity (We take full credit for this definition). An iota of jealousy is quite normal like when the lady feels iffy because her man is out late with the boys, or the man feels twitchy when his woman laughs with her guy friend. How about being open and honest with your partner instead of making accusations and yelling? If you're going to accuse, you better be ready with your evidence.

3. Significant differences

It is not uncommon to hear people seemingly happy break up because they come from a different religious background or a different tribe. Sometimes it's not even a personal choice but the result of intense pressure from families and friends.

4. Money Fight

Fights about money are inevitable and will not stop if not handled well. Therefore, if a saver and a spendthrift don't find stable ground, a future together may be very uncertain, thus, making a breakup inevitable.

5. Life transitions

A lot of times people often forget changes are constant, and so they fail to plan for those moments. A person facing a major life transition like graduation or relocation for work or further studies is more likely to have a broken relationship. People usually call it quits at this point for varies reasons such as distance, time and communication.

6. Other incompatibilities

Two people wanting different things and refusing to budge on issues will eventually call it quits. It could be an issue over a certain social lifestyle, commitment, wanting children or sexual incompatibility as some may have it.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Other reasons include physical/mental abuse, not getting along with family/friends of their partner, sickness and so on.

At this point, it's wise to learn and make deliberate plans towards your relationship.

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