5 Ways To Achieve An Aso-ebi Look Without Selling Aso-ebi

Asoebi Palavas can take a toll on your peace of mind and that of your guests. However, you might still want your guests to have similar outfits on your wedding day.

Asoebi outfits are so picturesque and beautiful even in videos. They add colours to your already bright and blissful ceremony.

Wondering how it is possible to get your guests to wear Asoebi you’re not selling? Here are some bright and practical ideas you can use:

    Give an exact dress code

Dress codes help in making everything appear uniformed in pictures and at the ceremony. Rather than stressing yourself and your guests on Asoebi, send cut out fabric colours along with the invitation cards. This way, they can know the texture and exact colour to look for.

    Send the fabric pattern to your group

Since don’t want to sell Asoebi, it is best to just send the fabric pictures to your group. It’s advisable that you have an emailing list or a WhatsApp group for interested guests. This can help take the stress off your back.

    Get your family members / friends to handle it themselves

Family members and friends can help out with selling Asoebi to interested guests. Make sure you have a meeting with them especially if you’re particular about colour codes and patterns for your guests.

    Get a sole distributor

One of the things that can make everything easier is having a sole distributor who gives out the fabrics. Ensure that you and the distributor have agreed on a reasonable price per person. You can then relay this information to your guests and share contact details with them.

    Direct them to the market

Another thing you can do is to give your guests the exact market where they can get the fabrics. Make sure that the fabric is accessible everywhere. This way, they would be able to use more than one seller.


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