5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your First Date

After getting your crush to go out on a date with you, there are so many things you don’t want to do on your first date. We understand that you may be feeling anxious.

While there are some excusable mistakes, you should make sure to avoid these particular mistakes.

    Get Distracted

Your first date is all about you and your date. If it requires that you turn off your phone, please do. You won’t be creating a great impression if you’re constantly receiving calls, checking social media, cutting in or excusing yourself to pick up calls or respond to text messages, you’re getting distracted. You’re also showing signs of disinterest to your date. He/she would most likely get irritated eventually.

    Constantly asking when you’ll see them and insisting on bringing them home

Nothing is as creepy as trying to persuade your date to come home with you. Even worse is constantly asking when you will meet again. You will only sound desperate and annoying.

    Talk about your Ex

Unless you have gotten to the point where your date asks about your previous relationship, don’t talk about it. Even at that, try not to linger too much on it. Focus more on discussing the present. In the end, it shouldn’t really matter if you’re planning on having a new slate with this relationship.

    Talk about your best sex positions

Talking dirty is a big turn off. Keep all of these details until it is very necessary. You most definitely would get a cold shoulder afterwards.

    Forget your manners

Not paying attention to how you react to certain circumstances isn’t a good idea. Imagine going on a date and you suddenly start arguing with random people over football. Even if it something you would have loved to do, desist from doing it. Keep your self-control intact.


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Lara said...

we do many things, nobody is perfect

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