5 Major Tips to Ensure You Have a Fun Wedding After-Party

The stress towards one’s big day can be so overwhelming that the need for a fun after-party to ease such stress and crown the whole celebration in ecstasy.

After the party by its name is a party after the traditional ceremony, including the reception.

To ensure the after party is fun-filled and electrifying, certain tips must be put into consideration. Here are 5 major ones you should keep in mind.

1. The Location/Venue

This is simply where the after-party will take place. Kindly note that the venue of the after-party is largely dependent on the style and taste of the couple.
However, most people make use of the same venue where the wedding reception took place. Others may want to party only with a selected few, so they go for another venue like a garden setting or a bar setting.

It is important to ensure that it is not somewhere so far because of the earlier stress your friends and even both of you might have gone through during the day.

2. Adequate Provision of Food and Drinks

Please, what is an after-party without enough supply of food and drinks? We can all agree no one will enjoy such a party.

The fact they ate/drank at your wedding reception party does not mean you should not also cater to their “stomach needs” at the after-party. However, this time, you can go for light finger foods and perhaps more alcoholic drinks.

3. Include Fun Activities

Activities such as indoor games, ping-pong, and dance competition should be included in the after party. But, ensure the audience is carried along well.

Situations where the guests are not in tune with certain activities, such activities should be changed by the MC in order to have everyone's full participation.

4. Choice of Outfits

The couple should change into something more comfortable. It is advisable to plan your after-party outfit in advance as you are planning your wedding ensembles.

Wearing comfortable clothes for one's after party will not only make it easy to move and dance freely but also save the wedding gown from being stained with substances that can be difficult to remove later.

5. Good Music

Music is the life of any party. There should be music as the presence of good music dissolves boredom and elicits positive energy. Without music, the purpose of an after party is just a fantasy, as music brings it to reality. Make sure to have a DJ that can bring your party to life.

In conclusion, make sure to plan to have a fun after-party as it is achievable and most often an imprtant way to complete the day's celebration.


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