Mistakes Brides Make and How to Avoid Them

Wedding ceremonies are always packed with its own fair share of anxiety. However, there are some mistakes brides make that may have happened because they are oblivious to certain things.

Here are some mistakes brides have made in the past and how to avoid them:

    Setting the Date First

At this point, you and your spouse are excited and just cannot wait to get married. While all these can really be rosy, the reality is that you’re making a huge mistake. Your date may end up clashing with a very popular event and all hotels may be have been booked out. You may also have to start rushing everything and may be unable to actually have all you dreamed of come true.

    Hiring Amateurs or Friends

Unless your friend is a professional photographer or professional at the services he/she is rendering, you really do not want to make this mistake. It is understandable that you want to save money. However, settling for amateurs or ‘’talented friends’’ would open obvious loopholes. Avoid it as much as possible.

    Choosing the Wrong Day

When picking out your wedding date, make sure you’re considering the weather. Rainy days and extremely sunny days are forever the worst even if your venue is indoors. It’s best to always check out the weather and make sure to have a backup in case of uncertainties.

    No Stretched Out Space between Your Ceremony and Reception

Technically, you’re going to be stressed out your bones if there is no gap between your church wedding and reception. In fact, you’re probably going to be grumpy on your wedding day. So, it’s always best to space out your wedding time frame. For instance, your church ceremony can be from 9 – 12 and your reception starts at 4 pm.

    The Guest List

The last thing you want to do is over invite everyone and not make plans for that. It is most definitely a recipe for disaster. Always save your budget only for what you need and not strangers that have no clue about your wedding.


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