5 Expenses Your Bridesmaids Shouldn't Cover

It can really be difficult to get your bridesmaids to pay for specific things. Already, they have been offering all the help and support.

Most times, your bridal party may have even covered expenses for your bridal shower and have gotten the specific colour pattern you would like them to wear.

However, there are some expenses you shouldn’t expect them to cover. If they do, then you must really thank them.

    Hotel accommodations a night before

If you would like your bridal party to stay with you, then you can pay for a suite that will accommodate everyone. You shouldn’t expect them to cover accommodation. They already handled their transport for your big day.

    Hair and makeup

Particular about your bridal party having their hair and makeup done professionally? Then you would have to foot the bill. They will only handle this if you allow them to explore this fit themselves. If you’re afraid that it may not reach your expectation, then save yourself the stress and get it done yourself.

    Bride bouquets and other accessories

In the instance where you would like your bridal train to wear a flower band that matches with your bouquet, you shouldn’t expect one of them to open up and offer to handle the bills. Make sure you have made preparations for this.

    Wedding day transportation

The couple and their families are expected to cover these expenses. Your bridal party will be with you everywhere and would also multitask between ushers and helps for you. You would not like the idea of them worrying about handling the transportation from one venue to the other on your special day.

    Bridesmaid outfits

This is only an option if you’re particular about how you’d like your bridal party to appear. Also, if the prices are way too expensive, you may have a lot of your friends backing out. If you’re very specific about every inch and meter, you shouldn’t expect your bridal party to cover it.


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