12 Signs He Is NOT About To Propose

We have read stories of heartbreaks from long relationships, and sometimes stories of sadness from ladies who don’t know why their partners are not taking the next step (proposal).

Although there is a debate on when a relationship is ready for engagement and if a proposal is an indication of progress in a relationship; most would still want to know if their partner is thinking about popping the question anytime soon.

Some may want to know because:
• It helps them understand if they are just wasting their time or not. Especially, if the relationship is long overdue for the next phase.
• If both of them are on the same mental evaluation of the relationship.
• If there is a need to ask questions or work on certain things in the relationship.
• To understand if they both want the same thing from the relationship. And if it’s marriage, you must have the right discussion around the topic.

Here are 12 signs he is not about to propose.

1. He doesn’t want to commit to any long term or distant plan. He is a master for making immediate or short-term decisions. E.g: When you ask to plan for a vacation in a year’s time, he always replies that you both wait till it’s closer.

2. When he doesn’t rave about you to his friends and family members. If they always make statements like ‘Really, Daniel didn’t tell us that you can do that”, then it means he isn’t planning to get you familiar with his people.

3. When topics of marriage or children come up privately or publicly, he quickly changes the subject or distracts you from following up with the conversation.

4. He always wants to buy more time when it comes to discussing topics related to marriage because it is always a ‘stressful’ period for him.

5. He is fast to throw the ‘Why ruin it’ ‘Why fix it if it isn’t broken’ and the likes statement. He isn’t ready to pop the question anytime soon.

6. He never compliments how great you two look, or how lucky he is to have you, or how he will be blessed to have you as his wife. If he doesn’t joke or say these things, he isn’t thinking about it.

7. He gets angry when you talk about marriage or he doesn’t believe in marriage been the next phase to show commitment.

8. He shuts you out from major decisions that have to do with him. E.g.: If he is working to take a new job out of town or relocate and doesn’t put you in the mix or discuss it, he isn’t about to ask you to be in his life forever anytime soon (if at all).

9. He can’t handle conflicts, avoids them or just totally blames you for every issue.

10. He never really asks or cares about your future plans.

11. If he is always pegging it to a milestone, and then always shifting it every time he achieves it. E.g.: ‘We will get married as soon as I get a new job that pays better’. He gets a new one but says he needs to settle in, and then he needs to work on his promotion and the list goes on.

12. If you feel desperate, needy, insecure, or constantly begging for commitment, then there is a high chance he isn’t about to do it. If it got that bad, then you should know it most likely won’t happen because you want it. You should never beg your man to commit.



Hela said...

Does all this count in Africa

Craige vet said...

It’s not hard nah. Just send her text

Senior j said...

Change number

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