Nigeria in Her Doom Day

It’s rather saddening for a nation like Nigeria to be in the state it is at the moment. Many persons believed that Nigeria has more than she is putting to use considering her role(s) in the emancipation of the African continent, as well as, the vast natural and human resources God has blessed her with.

Corruption seems to be a citizen of Nigeria at this time in the nation. Many government officials have proven to be incapable of accounting for their stewardship as their time in office is characterized with either mismanagement allegation(s) or public funds theft/laundering offences, among others.

Many elder statesmen and women have come out to state that what is prevalent in today’s Nigeria is a complete departure from the architecture and frameworks laid down by the founding fathers of this great nation-Nigeria. However, what they have said seems to have made little or no effects in causing any tangible change, as those in power appear to have turned deaf ears.

Following the growth of corrupt practices in recent times and the supposed complete neglect of the masses by the government of the day from the formulation of policies to the implementation of such abhorrent policies that only widens the gap between the rich and the poor which only worsens the excruciating pains felt by average Nigerians, although, a lot has been tagged as the cause, poverty leading the chart.

Be that as it were, there has been a drastic growth in internet fraud, as well as, other crimes such as; kidnapping, banditry and armed robbery in recent times. Statistics show that the number of vulnerable Nigerians who have become victims of the above stated menace(s) have grown beyond comprehension, of late.

Some persons have asked if indeed there is a sitting government, some have questioned the responsibility of government to protect lives and properties as, on a daily basis there is a report of either innocent and powerless women and children been taken captive by unscrupulous individuals (or groups) in a bid to make money through ransom or other negotiations that tends toward pecuniary gains.

Many respected and well meaning Nigerians have come out to condemn the nonchalant attitude of the government, stressing that respective security agencies who are supposed to be responsible for the safety of the citizens are doing less than they should, however, the question that has been begging for answer is; what is the way out of these woods Nigeria has found herself?

The current administration said so much about overcoming the security challenges bedeviling the country. So much was promised during campaigns and electioneering periods in the country, however, one would only agree that not much has been done so far, as the crimes persist like a stubborn rash on a baby’s bum.

The first thing to be checked is the amount of money earmarked for security annually and a probe be launched into how these monies are spent and on what? This is simply because many other nations hardly budget as much as we do and yet there country is rather peaceful at least to a large extent.

In other clans, politics is not as attractive as the one practiced in Nigeria, little wonder why so much funds goes into recurring expenditure, making Nigeria’s government one of the most expensive in the world. There is too much gain in serving in a government capacity, which makes it lucrative to many educated illiterates contesting a post or another. This should be looked into to dissuade crooked individuals who are in government only to embezzle public funds.

Also, government officials should be compelled to account for the resources under their watch and strict and punitive measures should be put in place and followed to ensure that erring official gets what is due in terms of punishment.

More should also be done in the area of increasing production as most of these crimes are direct results of unemployment. If the government tries to create more (real) jobs that would absorb the current unemployed youths, there would be fewer crimes in the country.

In addition, the education sector should be closely monitored. That is, more budgetary allocations, grants, aids and other Trust Funds that would help grow the sector as this sector determines a lot in a country. The libraries, laboratories, Information Communications Technology centers should be up to date in terms of materials, standard, trends among others.

 The citizens irrespective of their social stratification(s) should play their roles in the little way they could as this would go a long way in causing the change we all desire. You! refuse to be corrupt, refuse to join the band wagon, refuse to promote nepotism and favouritism, and this country will gradually join other nations at the zenith of development.

By Emmanuel Oyebade
Whatssap +234 813 906 2456

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