Black Moon: My dad how come what is he doing in Lagos to say the least (Episode 1)


The world now has a perfect way of making themselves demigods, Some men  feel they have Power and money, what else can they not do, I went for an interview in a company in lekki has a customer care representative, I read so bad for this interview cause the pay was actually Very very much  better than my present job, And to God be the glory I was sent a letter that I passed this interview. I felt I had a job this was in December. I waited and waited for their call but nothing,  only for Me to go there last week and I met with the owner of the company.. He looked at me like ten times and licked his lips..i knew something fishy was Going on. The man told me we were two that passed the interview  and the other person was already working with them, I was shocked cause he said I came first.  I wondered why,  so I asked him.  This man told me to follow him to his office, On getting there he told me that he will allow me resume on Monday that I should met him up at the island club that evening, I asked him why?  He said because him and his brother owns the company and he will love to introduce me to his brother before I start working there. The time Of meeting later that night  was supposed to be for 7:30pm. I went to work happy that I got a new job cause I was on afternoon duty at work.  I closed and went to island club called him that I was outside.

BRIEF HISTORY.                        

My name is Abike Williams.. The only child of the popular business tycoon Chief and professor Mrs Williams. I didn't grow up to know who my mother was cause she died while giving birth to me , so that explains my name ABIKE. It was my mom's.  I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth..  Only for the silver spoon to turn mud at some point of growing up, oops I was already grown.  24years ..i was 24 when my father lost his business to a bad fire incident.. Then the ones outside the country were seized cause of mismanagement. Things went really bad.. 

That's explains why I came back to Nigeria and got a job in Lagos. I wanted to take care of my father badly, he has always taken care of me. 3years have spent in Lagos no be beans. Story for another day. ... I met my father in Lagos island club???  How now..  He smiled at me and said darling I'm sorry..  I was like daddy what are you doing here.. He said I came to take the baby in your tummy .. Wait!  What!!  Baby???  How!!  I didn't even know I was pregnant!!!!  Okay let's talk about my boyfriend.  Tunde was my boyfriend but I couldn't tell my father.  I meet him when I came to Lagos,  he was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Have always been a bookworm,  didn't know much about love and relationship.  He was my first.. We had fun together.. Knowing I'm carrying his baby!!! I had mixed feelings because Tunde always say "We can't be together forever life will always happen" I always find that talk offensive and he never explains it. I loved him too much I can't even ask questions. He was my everything..

What does my father mean by he wants the baby???  I asked him  Daddy what do you mean??  He said to my darling daughter I know I have offended you but I was only trying to give you a better life,  better life? How daddy.. He said I cannot say anything now.  I want the baby inside of you first..  My father became somebody else .. I wanted to run out but it seems to me everybody knows themselves.

I told my father I want to go to  the ladies. Getting into the ladies, I jumped out of the ladies hoping to get out.. I hit the floor with my tummy and I screamed out.  Tunde came to meet me..  Baby!!  What is it again.. The usual night mare???  You have an interview in the morning dear. Let's Pray so that you can go back to bed.  .. We prayed and he held me to sleep.  He peaked my head and told me "He loves me" ...   

 I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY.. please drop a comment.... Watch out for the next episode...

Black Moon: The Moon shines our world what happens when the moon goes dark (Episode 2)

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Unknown said...

Nice write up,keep it up.

Babafemo said...

Spellbound writeup .Keep them coming.

A.S. Adaora said...

I'm loving it already ❤

Joe said...

Sequence!!!.... I like what you've written👍👍👏👏👏. Pls when is your next episode going to be out?

Shawn said...

Right from the first line... I know you are creative and all your writes has a special flavour and drive that make me stick to reading more...the world is ready go get it

Unknown said...

Nice one. Can't wait

Fadesewawrites said...
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Fadesewawrites said...

Thank you all for the comments and replies I really appreciate it. kindly read episode and leave a comment.. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great story...Temi

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