Black Moon: The Moon shines our world what happens when the moon goes dark (Episode 2)

You thought I was dreaming???  

That was what I felt too,  I'm I supposed to think at 27 the only man I've known all my life is a bad man? How funny!!  What a twist to my fate!!!  I left Island club bleeding.. I called my boyfriend Tunde he wasn't answering his phone.

 I thought of who to call so I called TOLA Wilson my bestie, Her voice sounded like she has been crying,  I asked her what was wrong with her she said nothing, I told her she has to come pick me up around Onikan roundabout, that I'm in so much pain, Brief history about Tola Wilson, To all my friends out there when I tell them "I love you" i really mean it, like go out of my way to sacrifice for them and all.  Not because I'm stupid but because I understand the value of friendship, love and forgiveness. But same isn't the case of Tola. How could Tola have done this?? How???? Friendship of 26years ???

She helped my father set me up??

People are deadly....  Tola was supposed to be my bestfriend,  her mother was my mother's best friend atleast so I was told.. I find it hard to believe anything now.. .  She told me she was on her way.. I waited for 30mins and so she came. I was trying to explain things to her she just smiled and looked at me furiously "ABIKE why did you run? "  if anything happens to that baby I will not forgive you!!!!!!!  Wait what????  She knows about the baby too???  What is actually going on here.  I'm I running mad??  My best friend is also interested in a baby I don't even know about yet!!  How come???  I became so scared and confused.  Like everybody wants a share of the baby in my womb and nobody is saying anything to me........ I told her to drop me, she moved close to me and whispered into my ear  "You haven't seen anything yet".. She cleaned my face with a white handkerchief. Immediately i slept off.. ......  You don't want to miss the next episode on Monday.

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Joe said...

When the moon goes dark, everything is kept to a state of hurt......🤔🤔🤔
Pls without hesitation, I need the next episode ASAP.

Tonye said...

Who is the father of the child? Your father? Next episode biko

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