11 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media About Your Engagement

It’s always happy vibes when you get engaged; however, there are certain things you should never post on any social media platform about your engagement.

Here are 11 of those things:

1. The price of your ring
Either you picked it out, or your partner did; it’s really no one’s business how much it cost. Keep it to yourself.

2. Any disappointment about how the proposal is made
Don’t tell everyone how you would have preferred he didn’t go down on one knee, or how you would have preferred a gold ring silver one. Just don’t share it with the public. Regardless of how it went down, focus on the ‘perfect moment’, he put a ring on it.

3. Saying you have waited all your life
Don’t tell the world that he has ‘finally’ proposed. It takes away the magic, love and respect for their timing.

4. The details of the wedding
The reason for the wedding invitation is so that you can announce the details. Don’t announce your engagement and wedding details at the same time. Let the engagement news have its moment.

5. Announcing it before reaching out to your family members or close friends
We know you want to share the news with the world immediately, but not until you have shared it with your loved ones. It’s just basic engagement courtesy. They shouldn’t be finding out the time as everyone else.

6. How many carats
Don’t make it about the ring, and don’t make it feel more special or less because of the carats. We care about your proposal story, not details of your rock.

7. Overly Intimate Engagement Photos
Yes, we want to see your engagement photos, but not everything. Don’t bombard us with too many photos, including the very intimate ones.

8. Don’t start tagging your bridal party 
You are excited, and you don’t want to tag someone who you are not even sure is comfortable with the news or miss out a friend, who will automatically won’t enjoy the announcement of the engagement because they are focused on why you didn’t tag them. Relax and make sure when you reach out to your bridal party, it’s special.

9. Updates on engagement gifts
Even if all your family members and friends are sending you all the gifts in the world, keep it to yourself. Don’t post your engagement gifts, and it will make the other people think they should have sent you a gift as well. Express your gratitude privately to the ones who sent.

10. Throwing 'shades' at your 'EX'
Don’t make the post about how your 'ex' has missed out on a great person. Just don’t do it. Focus on your engagement.

11. Profile change to ‘future Mrs …'
Please don’t. You can wait till it’s official to change your name. Don’t put yourself in an awkward position if things go wrong.


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