Are You Having Valid Relationship Doubts Or Just Cold Feet?

You are about to get married, and you have been looking forward to this day for ages. However, there’s something that’s not quite right in the way you feel. Could this be cold feet or you are having valid doubts about your relationship?

This debate will be easier to understand from experience but there are a few pointers to take note of to decipher whether you may have pre-wedding jitters or valid doubts.

When Your Fears Are Not About Your Partner

It could be:

Aesthetics: Maybe you are OCD and have genuine worries about ribbons and bows that are not tied correctly. The shade of pink the decorators are using may not be the same tone you imagined, and that’s fine, but this is pre-wedding jitters. 

Family and Friends: You may be worried that Aunty Joke will throw a tantrum if she sees something she doesn’t like or that your best friend is about to drown in tears because the groom’s friend who she used to date is coming to the wedding with his new fiancé. 

Change of life and lifestyle: Are you afraid that if you get married, you may not be able to live the same way that you once lived during your single days? That you may have to sacrifice time and ask another human being’s opinion for something before closing in on a decision? 

This is the reality about marriage and understanding that it comes with compromise. There are lots of valid considerations you must take into account, but they are considered to be normal and just a form of pre-wedding jitters.

When Your Fears Are Linked To Your Partner

The Behaviour: Have you noticed something about your future husband that you think you most likely will not be able to accommodate in the marriage? 

This may include interaction with other women or his attitude towards you. If this behaviour bothers you so much, then you may have valid doubts about having a successful marriage with such a person.

Marriage Counselling: Some couples do not make it out of counselling sessions as they realise how totally different they are or how their life’s purpose do not complement each other. This is a valid doubt that the marriage may be unsuccessful and there is nothing wrong with calling off the wedding.

So, do you think you have pre-wedding jitters or valid doubts? 

Or which did you experience?

Remember that you owe yourself the best, and when it comes to marriage especially, you shouldn’t settle for less. Sugarweddings 

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