10 Practical and Important Wedding Planning Tips

Its almost wedding season, so now is the time to think about dresses, venues and flowers. Here are ten practical and important wedding planning tips that you must take note of:

Choose a Good Season

Everyone knows that there are two seasons in Nigeria: rainy and dry. This may not apply if you choose to have a destination wedding. All you have to do is make sure that regardless of your chosen location that you will have the perfect weather to enjoy your special day.

Decide on a date
Pick an effective date that works well for your families; this will ensure that you have time to plan towards attaining everything you need for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Investigate Difficult Days 
Also, take time to investigate difficult days for movements like city marathon days and politically activated days. It is essential to do this especially if you are expecting guests from abroad.

Decide on the Number of Guests
It is very practical to choose how many guests you would be capable of entertaining at your wedding before choosing an appropriate venue; let all your guests be comfortable.

Leave Room for Miscellaneous Funds
It may be a wise idea to leave about 5-10% of your overall wedding budget to cater to miscellaneous funds that may arise.

Research Vendors
Its time to look into the track record of your popular city vendors before you higher your chosen ones. Look for credible people who have excellent customer service and are dedicated to their business.

Look for Deals
Weddings are costly; take some time out to look for deals and discounts on bulk orders.

Pick a Theme
Its easier to think about decorations and colours when you have selected a theme for your wedding. It will influence other considerations and make your planning process easier.

Make a Meal Plan
Food and drink can be very expensive. Decide what kind of cuisine you can afford and what your guests would prefer. Think about if your budget allows for a buffet and how many courses you would like during the reception. Also, consider an allowance for your after-party food and cocktail reception if you are having one.

Wedding Planner with your Vision
If you choose to use a planner, it is important to hire one who understands your vision and not shove his or her ideas down your throat for personal benefit.

Have you gotten married already? Tell us what you would have done differently.


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