By Emmanuel Oyebade
The world as we have it today, houses vast majority of people who feel comfortable shifting responsibilities to other people, who feels safer blaming others for their ordeal, those who believes someone, somewhere is responsible for the position they found themselves.
The list is endless of those who are victims of our blame game, from parents, to friends, country, government, colour, race, education, privileges, age, time, status, etc.  When it comes to who is responsible for the place we found ourselves someone or something has to be responsible. What do you think?
Even me, sometimes I feel if only I had been born in other clan things would have been different; perhaps, what happens at the other side of the fence would be better than what I am going through right now.
I have heard people complain about how they feel even after eating too much! Some say that, the meal is too delicious, “that’s what prompted me to eat more than necessary”. What do you think?
A graduate who stopped reading almost immediately he finished from the University complains he has no job, those with one complains they aren’t making as much as they would have wanted, what about that man who offers less value than is expected, who then blames the boss for being fired. What do you think?
The question of who is responsible for what we go through per time seems to be arguably a tough one to find a unanimous answer to as many individuals will have a genuine point when given the privilege to give the reason for their present state. Then, who should be blame for what happens to us?
I live in a world where everything that happen to citizens in a way or another has link to the administration or government of the day, poor student performance at school has a thing to do with lack of qualified teachers, teaching aids, laboratory for practical or library that is filled with books of archaic editions.
The world where, the hike in food prices has a link to how government agencies are not playing their roles in fixing; roads, economy, electricity, and even prices of goods and regulating same to force individuals to adhere strictly to acceptable prices.
Someone once looked at me and said, “Why is the President not doing anything about the price of transportation,” on the morning of waking up to heavy downpour of rain. Then I asked what do you think?
Well, isn’t it wise to think that the reason most of us are where we are is simply because we all have a thing to say about our external environment, paying less attention to what goes on inside of us, whereas, what happens inside is of more importance. Some people even go as far as saying someone is responsible for their sadness! Wow! That must be much.
Our destiny changes with our thoughts; we shall become we wish to become, do what we wish to do, when our habitual thoughts corresponds with our desires. Not until we begin to view things as largely depending on our responsibility than what happens to us, we may continue to wish for good times ahead.
Our lives are made to accept what we can’t CHANGE, change what we CAN and HOPE for what we yet have. This way life becomes easier to live, and we put less blame on others but ourselves.
What do you think? What if you have all you ever wished for? Live where you have always dreamt of? Get what you have always eyed, have that special person you really want in your life? What do you think you would do differently?
That thing is the point. That is what makes all the difference. Some of us think materials bring happiness, some people think money brings joy, all things depend only on your choice. Whatever you choose to be is what you are. You can only be as much as happy as you decide to be. What do you think?

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