Nigeria; a fertile ground for political shenanigans!!!

Nigeria; a fertile ground for political shenanigans!!!
By Emmanuel Oyebade
Nigeria we hail thee, that’s what came out of my mouth when I heard of the shift in the date of the presidential elections and the house of assembly elections expected to be executed successfully by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
Immediately the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu made the announcement at the early hours of the Election Day morning (February 16, 2019) many stake holders started releasing statements in condemnation of the action of the electoral body.
So many individuals criticized the chairman for announcing the postponement rather late when virtually all electoral logistics have been mobilized for the election. Some even said, it has some political undertone, going by the time the announcement was made.
In all the under listed reasons for the postponement, as well as the criticisms that followed the bold step, what could only be picked is that Nigeria is only but a unique political sphere where anything can happen and nothing will happen.
It is shocking to think some Nigerians will be surprised by what happened. Prior to this elections, many international observers have predicted that the election will not be as easy as most think it will, aside from the pungent articles written concerning the outcome of the elections, not even the analysis of political pundits can absolutely capture the what to expect in a typical Nigeria political space.
Nigeria is a country where someone will be convicted for financial crimes and the electorates would still clamour for such a person as their choice of leader. This is a country where the source of your money matters less in comparison to how much you are willing to throw around during electioneering process.
Politics in Nigeria seem to be so unique that it has no comparisons across board. Where a potential convict goes to court with over seventy (70) Senior Advocates and threatens the judge with statements like; “you are too small to adjudicate my judgment.”
A country where the chairman of a party mistakenly reveals that only those who are ready to bear the pain of rigging that should participate in an election, a place where what should have been the last hope of the common man (court) has turned to a place where only the wealthy wins.
Someone once asked; “how did we get here?” the answer is not farfetched.  As most of the persons who rule in Nigeria are persons who have one thing or the other they hide and keeps covering their tracks with the stolen money in government.
The problem isn’t leadership, because most of us look at those up there as the problems, but in reality we are the problems. This is why I said this:
All those up there never for once carry out any of their mischief themselves; they contract those below the ladder to do their dirty jobs for them only for stipends which cannot take us out of the woods. But the system has birth in us the average Nigerian mentality which tries to look for present solution to problems.
To salvage the situation in Nigeria, each one of must decide beyond any material accumulations, beyond any pecuniary rewards to do what is right and what is right alone irrespective how we feel per time.
I know it is almost an impossible task as the poverty level in the country ranks number one in the world. Things are hard, yes we all know things are, but the reality is that, these politicians only try to provide us the solution we need at the moment which only last till they are need of your service again.
To live above all these challenges, we all need to decide to say no to vices in the name of getting peanuts from party cronies. Nigeria will soar once again if only one person can say no to helping another person perpetuate evil.
In summary, in all you find yourself to do, do it well and say no to anything that contradicts morals, by this, the good will soon phase out the bad and the ills in our society will soon be reduced to the barest minimum.  

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