The Ondo Traditional Wedding Checklist

We’re excited about you getting married to your beau from Ondo! Ondo state is one amongst many Nigerian groups with a rich culture.  However, quite a number of things needs to be put in place before going for your introduction or before your traditional wedding ceremony. Depending on the family, here are some things to add to your checklist:
21 tubers of yam and lots of fruits
When you’re going for your introduction, make sure you take with you plenty of yam and fruits. Yam is one of the favorite foods of the Ondo people. This is why the bride’s family would be excited to know you’re conscious of their culture. The fruits represent successes and wealth. Coming with fruits means that you’re telling them that their daughter would be going into a house filled with love, surplus successes and wealth.

Nothing sets off the bride’s family like an egotistic groom so you better come correct! Add doses of humility to your behaviour during the visits and the ceremony. Greet properly and prostrate for elders. You’re sure to get more blessings and prayers from the parents of the bride. Also, make sure you come with friends that are not afraid to dobale.
The family of the bride would request for money for a lot of things. However, the most important includes the bride price, money for the parents and for the last born of the house. Each price is set by the head of the family (father of the bride), so the prices differ from family to family.
One Goat 
You may be required to come with a goat. This goat will be prepared as part of the delicacies for the day. It is a representation of multiplication of successes as well as the gift of children in the marriage.
A bag of salt 
The salt represents sweetness and goodness in marriage. You may be required to bring as many as much as a bag of salt for before the wedding ceremony. This is one of the items that will be prayed on during your traditional wedding.
50 Liters of red oil, Kola nut and Bitter Kola 
Most families would require for any of these three. The Kola nut, Bitter Kola and Palm oil all represent longevity in marriage. It is believed that bringing these three would elongate the lives of the couples as well as the children’s.

Sugar weddings 

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