How to Manage Safety at High-Profile Weddings

High-profile weddings attract attention and crowds, and the resulting mayhem makes security a major concern. The more famous and rich bring their own security detail that sometimes contribute to the fuss as they try to secure an area. How do you handle the chaos that comes with being popular? Here are some tips:

Tight security
This means ensuring that there are security guards at key areas and in the open space in the hall. Also, if your guests are coming with their own security, it is important to let them know a few things:

The bodyguards are not part of the invitees, thus, they are not entitled to meals or gifts except if the invited guest offers their personal gifts to them.
The security cannot obstruct invitees and may have to stay outside alongside other security, to make space for guests. This means indoors will have to be secure. 

Make sure the guards at the entrance points know to screen for weapons.
Only permitted media is allowed
If you would like to make your wedding public, you could allow only a few selected media to handle your wedding. This means they will be given tags. You can have a maximum of 5 people including your videographer and photographer to be present at your wedding.

Keep it strictly by invitation
Keeping your wedding strictly by invitation makes it difficult for unwanted guests to appear out of the blue on your wedding. Apart from security, this is also one way to assure your guests that there will be no unwanted drama on your wedding. Pay security well, but only pay in full after the work is done. Make it clear they will not receive their balance if they loosen the reins and let in uninvited guests.

Make it short and private

Keeping long hours during your wedding ceremony may be risky. Even with the heavily guarded security, you may want to be very private about it. Also, keeping it short would make it less likely for any catastrophic incidence to happen. Instead, make like the royals at Meghan and Harry’s wedding, and have close friends and family come together later at a privately disclosed location to party unhindered.

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