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Househusbands: How to Handle the Pressure

In the 21st century and with the existence of so many perspectives, being a stay-at-home husband and dad is one. Truly, the world had been a patriarchal system such much that even men had been victims of it. Thus, even when a man has to or would rather stay back at home and care for the kids, the societal construct restricts such. However, it’s important to remember that this era is all about breaking barriers and creating new stories for individuals. If you already have broken the first barrier and are currently a househusband or you’re thinking about it, here are some tips to help handle the pressure.

Be your own man all through and through

In all honesty, you will definitely have challenges. Sometimes, overwhelming ones. The good news is that they’re all external and as long as your marriage and your own family are fine, you can handle anything. One thing that will see you through these challenges is BELIEVING in yourself and understanding why you’re doing it. In this case, you can stand up for yourself in instances where your friends or family members think your wife has gone ahead to give your name to a very strong herbalist.

Create your own rules and barriers

If you’re very sensitive about the topic, don’t let anyone talk smack to you- stop them half way. It’s also important to be as disciplined as possible. You may have a couple of friends or relatives who feel it is an opportunity to make jokes at your expense. Giving them a head start about how you want to be addressed and constantly insisting on this would eventually make them settle and know what is not acceptable.

Be in control and ignore all the drama

 Maybe your neighbor has seen you carrying your 6-month old baby and is scoffing behind or you’re at the market and the woman is trying to cheat you. First is to be aware of the situation, understanding it and then treating it as it should be. If it’s going to be all drama, ignore it and move along. You alone decide what is going on in your life, so you can block  any external influence from disrupting your paradise.
Be proud of who you are and what you are doing. You are breaking boundaries and teaching society lessons that they will eventually learn about gender roles and real masculinity; not the limited, fragile kind they have come to accept as normal.

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