News Africa : Man who killed his 11 year old son over witchcraft allegation sentenced to death

Man who killed his 11 year old son over witchcraft allegation sentenced to death
One Christopher Udoh has come under the axe of law as an Akwa Ibom State High Court, in Ikot Ekpene Judiciary Division, sentenced him to death by hanging for killing his 11-year-old son, Gabriel Udoh, over alleged witchcraft.
Udoh, had accused his son for using witchcraft to ruin his business which prompted him to murder the child.
The presiding judge, Justice Joy Unwana, passed the sentence after finding Christopher guilty of murder, in accordance with Section 316 (1) of the Criminal Laws of Akwa Ibom State.
Udoh had told the court that he had struggled for many years for his business to grow, but later realised that his son, whom he suspected to be a witch, could be responsible for his failed business.

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He said, “After my inability to have a serious breakthrough in business, I discovered that my son could have been responsible. When I could no longer carry on with the business, I was stranded in Benin City. I had to return home with nothing”.

“Every attempt for me to break even in life became too difficult, even to get married since his mother was no longer with me following years of hardship that she could not bear.
“For me to free myself of such spell, I had to kill him, burnt his body and dumped the remains in a pit.
Udoh pleaded for the court to be lenient and for God to have mercy, saying he had only been used by the devil.
His plea was, however, dismissed by the court.

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