@Politics Africa: I said stone us if we don’t perform, and some people are stoning us –Former APC Minister


 @Politics Africa: I said stone us if we don’t perform, and some people are stoning us –Former APC Minister

A former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh has said that of a truth he requested that Nigerians should stone the APC government if they failed to perform and that some people are already stoning them but in the wrong way.

He explained that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has done its best to meet up with people’s expectations and that nobody would say that this administration has done nothing in the area of security.
Momoh said, “Whatever happens, I said stone us if we don’t perform, but some people are stoning us, not that we didn’t perform, but because they are in opposition and cannot appreciate that we are preforming. In the area of security, nobody would say that we have not tried.”
The former minister said Nigerians were already stoning the president despite his monumental achievements.
He said, “We are in a democracy. As Minister of Information, I gave Nigerians information; one, to satisfy your need for information; secondly, to give you the information to do what you like to do with it.

However noting that those claiming the Buhari-led Administration has done nothing belong to the opposition who cannot appreciate the good efforts put in place by this current administration.
“So, people who are saying that APC has done nothing have a right through the information they have to achieve the aims they want, but that does not reduce from the fact that objectively, APC has done something.
 “Nobody will say that the challenges we have in the Northeast, Middle Belt, South-south, Southeast, Southwest and even in the Northwest, are not being attended to. In the area of agriculture, nobody can say that we have not attended to eating what we grow, and growing what we want to eat. We came out of recession. There are a lot of things we have done.”



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