@News Africa: I feel like some remote control directs me to keep cutting heads off –Morocco man tells court

A Moroccan man, identified as Abderrahman Bouanane has confessed before a court that he honestly feels like he is being controlled by a remote control to keep attacking so long as heads keep rolling off.

According to him, he said when he started the attacks on the market square, he said, he couldn’t control himself.

He said, “I honestly felt like I was controlled remotely… The idea was to keep attacking as long as a head falls,” Bouanane said via an interpreter.
From the episode, two women were reportedly killed and six more women were injured. Two men were hurt when they tried to help the women. Police stopped the attacks by shooting Bouanane in the leg.

According to reports from a local media, the man had said before a court in Finland that he was “in war against women” when he went on a rampage in the Finnish city of Turku in 2017, stabbing two women to death and wounding eight more people.

The 22 years old asylum seeker at the time spoke in district court on Tuesday, where he is on trial on charges of murder and attempted murder “with terrorist intent.”

Bouanane told the court that before the attacks in August 2017, he had visited mosque and recorded a video in which he talked about U.S.-led air strikes in Syria and the fight for Islamic State.

Meanwhile, a psychiatric assessment concluded that Bouanane was criminally responsible for the attacks.

Following the episode however, the Police have said he was a “lone wolf” who saw himself as a soldier for Islamic State. The militant group did not take responsibility for the attack.

Bouanane said categorically that, “My target was to hit women, not men … I was in war against women.”

Also, the hearing was broken off on Tuesday when Bouanane suddenly declined to sit in his chair or stand, without giving a clear reason.

Bouanane had been radicalised shortly before the attack, police investigation showed, and his application for asylum had just been rejected.

The case marks the first terror-related attack in Finland. The prosecutor is seeking a life sentence, which in Finland means at least 12 years in prison.
Bouanane has admitted the attacks, but his defence has denied terrorist intent, according to the definition in Finnish law.

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